Sunday, December 6, 2015

Celebrating Advent 2015

Advent is a special time for us to reflect upon the coming of our Lord and Savior to this broken world and taking broken us, and giving us new life in Him.  What a takes 25 days to ponder, for sure.

I have gotten very busy over this past several months with starting SGCA (Sola Gratia Classical Academy), which has been such a tremendous blessing to us, but it has definitely taken it's toll on blogging anything beyond the week's events with Schole'.  It has been nice to take this time during Advent to reflect upon all that God has accomplished and all He is preparing to do in this new year.  I thought I would share with you some of my favorite Christmas time activities we did in Christmas' past!

So cool to see other Blogger's are posting some of these ideas I had come up with, as we come back around to Ghiberti, Michelangelo, and El-Greco during Cycle 1 this year!  See my CC fine arts Christmas ideas from 2012 below!

Just some fun things to make with your kids this Christmas, below!

I pray you and your family have a very blessed Advent season together!  

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