Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday's Link-Up #13

Welcome to Week #13 of the Wonderful Wednesday's Link-Up!  This Link-Up is for anyone who would like to share how they are creatively teaching their children the various subjects, including fine arts, at home.  All curriculum users are welcome! 

Last Week's Top Two Featured Posts...

The most clicked on link last week was submitted by Melody over at And Here We Go Mama with her Cycle 3 Usborne book list!  Melody just launched her new business over at the Usborne Book Barn !  She has some special pricing going on right now, so stop over if you're looking to stock up on Cycle 3 for next year!  

Our second featured post was from Suzanne over at Suzanne Shares with her series called Friday Favorites where she features some of her favorites and resources each week.   

Being creative can be something crafty or it can be something unique with your own hands on approach to teaching your children.  It can be a video, picture or a blog post.  Share it here!  Let's put our creative genius together and inspire others to reach beyond the pencil at times!  My goal isn't fun -but rather, to encourage our children to become life long learners and see the joy in learning because that is FUN!  So mark your blogging calendars and plan to stop by each week and LINK-UP!  

NEW!  If you aren't a blogger - no problem!  You can still link up your fantastic creations by using your FlickrPhotobucket or other online photo sharing account.  Just post your photo's URL from the account, by clicking on the "you are next - click here" button below!  It can just be a cool picture of something your family made or a dress up your child did!  We'd love to see (you can ignore the "blogger rules" below if you don't own a blog and aren't posting from it).  If you aren't technical and still want to share a photo or video - you can e-mail me to submit via  Can't wait to see!  

Link Up Rules:
  • Link directly to that post using the URL, not the blog in general.  
  • Appropriate posts are things such as: educational crafts, experiments, fine art creations, unique field trips, posts on teaching creatively various subject matter, education themed dress up or re-enactments, dioramas or projects.
  • State your post topic in the link description and pick a relevant thumb nail so your blog topic can be easily identified by viewers - DO NOT post links to your general blog name.  Use the specific URL for that post you are wanting to share*.
  • Please place the Wonderful Wednesday's button below, somewhere on your blog's webpage.
  • Try to visit at least one link to show some blogger love and support to others. 
I am looking forward to seeing what you all are creating out there!  I would love to see any link ups that were inspired by a Wonderful Wednesday idea too - copy cats are very welcome!!!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Foundations to Challenge - Bridging the Gap! Meet the Moms

I learned so much from the Directors that participated in the Interviews for Bridging the Gap Series, that I wanted to continue to learn more and widen my perspective, so I decided to go to some Challenge Moms and see what perspective they could share with us, that might illuminate this journey towards the Challenge years ahead.

So today meet the....
 Trease Family

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday's EGGstravaganza!

I wanted to share our end of the year blow out -Wonderful Wednesday party!  I have to say that I don't think I have laughed that hard and much, in a very long time!  It was so much fun!  I wish everyone I knew could experience a group like this.  These women and children are incredible gifts to us and one another.  The exploration, experimentation, excitement and excellence that is within each of these kids and Mom's, is what makes life so fun homeschooling together!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday's Link Up #12

Today's Link-Up #12 is being hosted over at a sweet blogger friend's "blog house" so I hope you will stop by and check her out and link up your creative ideas, photos and posts today!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Creating an Eye to See Him - Bunny Discovery!

Spring is here!  I think it's official now; as the calendar's first day of spring has passed, the trees have begun to bud, not to mention the dogwood and cherry trees already in full bloom.  We had our first sighting of all things spring on bunnies!  While cleaning out the garden and getting it ready for planting, four precious baby cotton tail bunnies were found among last year's overgrowth.  They jumped out as the hoeing began and gave this young gentleman helping us, a good startle!

The girls were quick to run over and want to hold them and relocate them to safe territory away from the previous weed garden!  We couldn't find the "momma" rabbit, but reassured the girls, that she would find her babies in their new safe location.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Cycle 2 Wonderful Wednesday's in Review!

It's hard to believe that the Cycle 2 year for us, has come to a close.  Sadly, that means that our Wonderful Wednesdays are coming to an end as well!  I thought I would recap our year in dress-ups and feature my two favorite from the first and last 12 weeks of Wonderful Wednesdays!  I'd love to hear from you by comment below, about which were your favorite's from this year!

Weeks 1-12 Dress Up....
My favorite by far was the Marie Antoinette costume from the first 12 weeks!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Foundations to Challenge - Bridging the Gap - Meet the Director Series #4

If you have been following along on this series with me, then you know that we have now met three Directors for Classical Conversations®, all in different stages and places with their journey as Directors. We've spoken with Andrea - Challenge B Director  who shared some terrific insights for how Foundations memory work ties into the Challenge levels, Michelle - Challenge A Director shared an inspiring glimpse into all the many hats she has worn in her journey with Classical Conversations® over the years and Christina - Challenge II Director shared some inspiring joys and a candid look at the time involved in being a Director.  

Today we are going to change things up a bit!  This next interview is with a Tutor instead of a Director.  What is unique about this Tutor, is that she went from a Classical Conversation's® rich area with many Communities to choose from nearby, to a starved area where there wasn't a Classical Conversations® to be found!  She then prayerfully helped start up the first Community there and she shares her journey with us today; from Mom in the back of the room watching, to Community start-up leader and now Tutor, back in a Community rich environment here in Cary, North Carolina again!  I hope you are inspired by her story today and consider starting a Community yourself, if you are reading from an area that doesn't have one near you!