Sunday, July 13, 2014

LAPBOOK GIVEAWAY! Plus Secret Bonus Entry!

If you were with me last school year, then you know that Wonderful Wednesday was started each week by lapbooking through that week's memory work.  We are going on our third year of using Karen Gill's lapbooks from Wisdom and Righteousness for Wonderful Wednesdays!  There are other's that are out there but I really appreciate the colorfulness and interactive nature of Karen's lapbooks, specifically.  The option of making your lapbook into a notebook is the style we all preferred.  She gives you the option to do the traditional file folder style lapbook or the notebook style, as seen above.  As a group, the notebook style was preferred to provide enough room for everyone at the table and it also had more of a traditional "notebooking" feel.  If you have active learners, then these lapbooks are a great option.  Your child can flip, turn, pop-up, paste, and write their way through each week's memory work.  

The Solagratiamom™ Teaching Plan is a terrific accompaniment to the lapbooks and details of how to use the two together are over at the post entitled Teaching Plan Explained.  The lapbooks are a recommended part of my Wonderful Wednesday plan and I go into more detail on my plan about ways to assemble them, that I have personally found work best and what my recommendations are for using them in a group.  They work together very nicely and I've heard from many of you that are utilizing both.

I'm happy to be able to offer two winners a FREE copy of the Wisdom and Righteousness Lapbook for Cycle 3!  If you are interested in the Solagratiamom™ Teaching Plan, then you will definitely want to enter because there is a secret bonus entry just for you!  Spread the word and share the link with whomever you think might be interested in this terrific giveaway and bonus!  I'm excited about them both!   In addition, if you want to go ahead and start planning and doing your lapbooks to prepare for the coming school year, then go ahead and purchase from and you will be credited back if your name is drawn as the winner!  So enter, grab your resources and secret bonus entry and enjoy the remaining weeks of planning over the summer!  

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Creating Your Own Science Based Dot-to-Dot Skip Counting Sheets!

The last time we did Cycle 3, I had used skip counting dot-to-dot sheets to do the math for my Apprentice aged kids.  It was a way for me to integrate the science memory work a little with the math and it was fun.  They enjoyed trying to guess what body part they were connecting dots and skip counting through to create.  I tried to tie the week's body parts to the week's skip count.  For example, when we did the circulatory system for our memory work that week in science, I would trace a heart for them to skip count to make.  We would drill the skip counts several times and then all pencils would start at the first number and together we would chant through each number and move our pencils to trace from one skip count number to the next in a fun and exaggerated way.  Then the picture could be colored while we chanted through those body parts for the science memory work next.

Friday, July 4, 2014

How to Start Young Kids Drawing the U.S.

I wanted to begin to teach my daughter how to draw the United States.  She looked at the map with all it's squiggly shapes and jets in and out and didn't seem too keen on even starting!  The outline map seemed tedious to her at this point - so I put it away and took a new approach.   I knew I had to come up with a simplified way of having her see the map to get her engaged.  So we broke it down into four sections and then came up with things we could "see" or "imagine" in each section that would help her remember some of the bigger features to that section and how to draw it.  Here is what we came up with....

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Super Easy Bug Pinning!

Disclaimer:  If you are a serious bug person, then you may want to close your eyes quickly...because I'm about to do what will cause you to gasp in horror!  I pinned bugs without the right pins, without the right board, without noting the concordance, date, species etc.  I did do some things right though.  LOL!  I did catch each bug last year and put them in rubbing alcohol to preserve them before I froze them.  :)  However, that's as far as the politically correct bug pinning goes.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Simply Classical Curriculum Review and Giveaway!

If you have a child with special needs then this post is for you!  If you caught my review series back in February on  Simply Classical - A Beautiful Education for Any Child by Cheryl Swope then you know that I really loved her book.  I especially loved her ability to break down the classical model into a tangible model for parents who were seeking to give this type of education to their special children.  She skillfully made the case that a classical education for children with special needs was not just in spite of their special needs but rather because of them!  Now Cheryl has gone one step further in making this an attainable model for special families by developing a classical curriculum to guide parents in executing it.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Nature Study - The Leaf

Summer is a great time to take early morning walks or bike rides in the cool of the day.  We like to do both!  There is so much about God that can be noted as you walk along and look at His creation.  Our last few times out we decided to look at trees and leaves as we biked/walked and make note of what we observed, even collecting a few to bring back for our nature journal.  The first thing we noted was the huge variety of shapes God made leaves in.  We discussed the creative mind of God and whether we thought it would be possible for us to think up such variety on our own.  It's staggering to think of the vast variety of things God has created!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

GIVEAWAY!! Spelling You See

Have you tried multiple spelling programs and still haven't had any success in producing a good speller?  Then Spelling You See is definitely worth a look!  I was sent the Spelling You See, Level D set for review.  (It peaked my interest when I noticed that levels D&E of this new spelling program neatly corresponded with Cycle 3 of Classical Conversation's® history focus for the coming year.)
Immediately, I noticed that this isn't your typical spelling program.  Spelling You See  approaches spelling from a unique developmental perspective.  They have broken these developmental steps into five sequential stages;  Preliterate, Phonetic, Skill Development, Word Extension, Derivational Constancy.  Spelling You See takes an approach to spelling that has your child look for patterns in the spelling of words.  Looking for patterns should be familiar if you are already using Math U See!  Math U See is consistently showing children patterns to math, which is one of my favorite things about their math program!  You can read about our experiences with finding a math curriculum that worked for us at Finding Your Child's Place In Math.  Math U See and Spelling You See are family companies.