Saturday, December 21, 2013

Advent Day 21 - Fine Arts Review - Christmas Trees - Mirror Images

Fine Arts Review - Christmas Trees - Mirror Images

Another fun and easy review for CC fine arts is to make mirrored images of Christmas Trees.  It's simple and fun!  

Supplies You Need:
First take your green construction paper and cut it into strips wide enough to trace 1/2 of your Christmas Tree outline onto it.  Then trace and cut them out.  You can do bigger & smaller or just one big tree - however their imagination sees it.  Make sure when they are tracing it they use the long straight half of the image to be the edge of the green construction paper - like below...

 Then cut out the traced image of the tree.

 Next have them glue onto the white construction paper one of the cut out strips and then flip the Christmas tree half over and glue it beside - like below...

 When they are done, they should have mirror imaged Christmas Trees!
This is a great time to talk about how we are created in the "image" of Christ and we should mirror Him in all we say and do.  

Happy Advent Day 21!  Make it a blessed day!

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