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Advent Day 7 - Consider the Tree

Advent Day 7 - Consider the Tree
Since this is the season for Christmas's Advent thought and craft centered around trees.  You wouldn't think there'd be much revelation about God from a tree would you?  However, if you really consider it....there's a good deal of revelation there!
Romans 1:20 "For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse."

Pondering that verse and considering the tree, brings me to many thoughts of how instrumental trees have been to this Love story of God's redemption.  The tree though bound by gravity exerting its continual pressure on it which by all standards of logic should make it sprawl across the ground, is somehow able to grow heavenward defying gravity -just as people bound by sin constantly exerting its pressure to bring us down are somehow through Christ, able to transform their lives growing heavenward and ultimately overcoming sin!  The tree was an important device God used to pour out his wrath upon His only Son.  The tree was the vehicle used to bring sin into the world through it's fruit and the Fruit of the tree was what was used to redeem all mankind from sin.  The tree was the place that a shoot grew out of the stump to give us the lineage of Christ.  The tree was the weapon of satan to try to overcome a beaten and surrendered Savior at Calvary as he hung upon it once for all.  The tree of eternal life was placed in the garden with Adam and makes a return in Revelation during the Millennial reign.  The tree cradles the new born savior.  Like the tree, we need the elements of light (John 12:46), water (John 4:10) and food (John 6:35).  A tree to grow must remain connected to it's life source.  A tree cannot offer shade, fruit or a home of shelter for others until it has matured.  The fruits of the Spirit are natural consequences of maturity as demonstrated by a life that is connected and grounded in Him.

Today, as you go about your day, consider the tree and all God has done and ask yourself "Am I grounded, growing heavenward, maturing, able to offer solace to others, bearing much fruit?"  
So today's craft we made a tree.  I wanted this month to be about easy, quick crafts that may not WOW! anyone but are effective in opening up conversation with your kids to ponder things like above during this season of Advent.  

All you need for this craft:

Green Construction Paper
Contrasting Colored Construction Paper
Sequins (or you could use pompoms or pastels or paint - whatever you have on hand works!)
Hot Glue Gun or Tacky Glue
Craft piping (optional)
Pastels (optional)

310838: The Legend of the Three Trees Picture Book The Legend of the Three Trees Picture Book
One of my favorite books to read about the coming of Christ and the desires of man's heart verses the purposes of God.  I'd highly recommend it if you haven't read it to your kiddos!

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