Corrected Links

I am no longer updating the Teaching Plans.  I have discounted them to reflect that.  We are no longer using CC for any of our homeschool.  (Obviously, I can't control when bloggers/websites move information or delete it.  However, I will replace any links or find the repair for my customers if notified of it no longer working.)

Thank you for your support of Solagratiamom.


Latin John 1:1-7 
Sign language video 

Week 1 English Grammar
Infinitive Video

Week 14  Fine Arts (Normal Rockwell)
Norman Rockwell project

Week 1 & 2  Latin

Week 8  Trading Cards
Just put "trading cards" in upper left corner search box and they will come right up.

Week 13  Industrial Revolution Project idea

Week 17 Theodore Roosevelt Costume Idea was incorrect - Should have been FDR not Teddy!  Sorry :)-  This week has a plethora of iconic characters to dress up as regarding the AXIS and ALLY leaders.  Just google search images for each character and see what looks easiest to do and check out Cycle 2 Week 17 for Wonderful Wednesdays as we have several dressed up there in this week's theme.  Here is an image search for Churchhill  winston churchill


Week 1 Ancient Israel History link

Week 9  - Preposition Man link  You can use this idea to make a Preposition House using the same concept.  Have the kids add things to their house above, below, beside, etc.  Such as flowers, airplanes, clouds, etc.


  1. How does the Wonderful Wednesday Group Plan differ from the Wonderful Wednesday posts you hvave you your website?

  2. HI Lisa - I use the Wonderful Wednesday Group plan as my base but I often will see something to embellish what I've come up with over the summer during planning or I may decide to do something totally different because someone in my group requests a specific project they saw and want to try. posts on Wonderful Wednesday can be different or more elaborate then the ones I put in the Plan at times. The dress ups are the same each week that are on the plans along with the Lapbooks and our format is the same as described in the Plan as well. Hope that helps. Thank you for the question. :)