Monday, December 9, 2013

Advent Day 9 - Angel Paper Plate Craft (includes a Solagratiamom secret at the end!)

Advent Day 9 - Angel Paper Plate Craft (plus a Solagratiamom secret at the end!)

Sarah wanted to make a "better angel" than the hand print one.  So I came up with an easy idea from the dove we made the other day.  :)  Here it is below....

Supplies you need:
  1. Paper plate
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. Cotton balls
  4. Glitter glue
  5. Curling Ribbon
  6. School white or gel glue
Divide the plate into thirds and cut the two outer sides off, using the middle to become the angel's body.  Then take the middle and cut an angels body with a head.  Then cut two arms (optional) and a halo out of the extra piece at the top with a small strip to hold the halo on.  When you're done it should look like this.....

 Decide which side will be the front and then hot glue on your angels wings a little higher than half way up the body.

 Next you can glue your halo onto the little strip you cut (you'll need to bend the strip slightly to have it glue up under that halo).  Like below....
 Then glue the little strip to the back of the angel's head.

 Next glue the angel's arms about mid way down the wings (or wherever you like them).
 Then we used the gel school glue to place all over the wings and apply the pieces of torn cotton ball to them.

 After that was done we glued a cotton ball collar, sleeve cuff and a cuff at the bottom of the dress.

 Next we took permanent marker and drew eyes, nose & mouth on the angel's face.

 Next we used glitter glue to apply to the angel's halo and then spread some on the angel's body as well, using our finger to spread it around so it wasn't gloppy or making the halo too heavy.
 Last, we glued on the curling ribbon for hair using hot glue.  We had to tack the hair in place so it would fall how we wanted it to.
This was the final product....

So....are you ready for the Solagratiamom secret??  It's HOT GLUE - Did you know that you can use hot glue to attach things neatly to your window for display and it cleans up really easily with no residue?  You can use hot glue to hang up anything your kiddo's make like snowflakes, angels, doves etc. right on the window without a problem getting them back off and it only takes a dab!  All you have to do when you're done and want to take it down, is pull close to the glued area or put your nail behind the little glue spot and pull and it pops right off!  I LOVE IT!!!!!  Easy peasy and easy clean up!  Below is my angel and dove hanging with hot glue on the windows - the snowflakes are too but I didn't take a picture since they're downstairs.

Have a very, very blessed Day 9 of Advent! 

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