Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 13 - Schole' in Practice

This week you could feel the excitement of the kids as they had their final practices before the big Learning Celebration next Wednesday!  We had some fun science, said goodbye to our Latin teacher who just got engaged, enjoyed a beautiful ballet performance and lots of crafting and practice for the big day!  Join us as we share our Schole' moments from week 13…

Morning Time

This morning we continued to focus on our virtue of the week, constancy.  The kids worked on their memory verses and then we did our march around the campus.

Great Books & Fine Arts
This week our two classes came together for a two hour block of time, to collaborate on final details of the coming learning celebration.  Students went between practicing scenes, getting fitted for costumes and assisting with some final prop making.

Schole' Lunch
Today our guests for Schole' lunch returned to perform for us again from Graceful Expressions Dance Studio in Cary, NC.  The dancer's performed portions of the Nutcracker for the students, and then explained what toe shoes were and how they are made.  The kids then got a chance to try their skills out in doing some ballet dancing themselves.  We always love to have Graceful Expressions come!
The second half of our Schole' lunch was spent playing a few rounds of boys vs. girls in Rock, Paper, Scissors and then some jump rope races ended our lunch hour.

Today the kids had to say goodbye to our Latin teacher, as she moved on to plan her upcoming wedding!  The kids enjoyed their last day playing review games and acting out various Latin words together.

Math today consisted of the kids working on their rough draft for making their own math curse book.  

Science began with our Picture of the Day.  The kids were shown a photograph of something happening, and then they had to provide three things based on what they saw; an observation, an inference and a prediction.  Then we started with our lesson, which was on Plato and his contributions to science through two main things; proclaiming that mathematical truths should be investigated, and starting The Academy, which attracted Aristotle.  We did a mathematical exercise called The Answer is Always 5, and then Aristotle was discussed and experiments based on some of his contributions to scientific thought on sinking gas and the rate of falling objects, were performed.  This was our first ancient scientist that didn't have most of what he thought wrong.  :)

Rehearsal -Take Two
This week we had an additional rehearsal day on Thursday.  The kids ironed out a few details on their upcoming performance and practiced some more, while the Moms continued to finalize props and costumes.
We can't wait to share with you our Learning Celebration on the next blog post!

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    I thoroughly enjoy following your blog and have learned so much from the information you provide. I am wondering if you will be posting specifics regarding how others may start their own schole' group? Or possibly publish an e-book? I would definitely be willing to purchase one. Your weekly emails are an inspiration! Thank you.