Sunday, December 13, 2015

Schole in Practice - Learning Celebration #2

Right before our Thanksgiving and Christmas break, we had our 2nd Learning Celebration to punctuate what the kids had been learning in Great Books.  If you've been following our Community online, then you know we have been learning the elements of a story through the use of various ancient cinderella storybooks.  We ended with The Egyptian Cinderella book and then the kids began working together on a play, to act out the story.  

What a terrific job they all did!  Our fantastic fine artist did the amazing props, of which the photographs can't do justice, and the kids assisted with making the collars and other smaller elements during their Fine Arts period leading up to the play.  Everything came together beautifully, and we had such a fun last day to the semester, and topped it off with an evening Learning Celebration play for the parents and families' of our students.  You will have to read the book if you haven't already, to know what happens in the story.  I will tell you that we had our own Great Book's Academic Mentor adapt this book to play, and choreographed it as well.  She added an educational element for the kids to get a chance to show their audience what they have learned this semester, as our "professors" made appearances throughout the play to notify the audience when the various elements of the story (or play in this case) were happening.  It was cleverly done and educational for all.  The following is the photographs from our event!

Our fantastic lower and upper elementary classes in costume right before the show…

Backstage as guests arrive...

Story characters...

Our Pharaoh….



  1. Beautiful, beautiful! I love how you have such talented and invested teachers and kids in your group!

    1. Thank you Amy. The Lord has been doing some terrific things in this community. It's all to His glory, that's for sure. :)