Sunday, August 14, 2016

Virtue Formation through Literature

One of my favorite things is spending our morning time reading books that help form my daughter's ideals about good and bad character.  Reading a book that clearly demonstrates virtue or clearly shows a character lacking in virtue, is a great discussion to have in those quiet morning hours.  Using literature to help with virtue formation is a very seamless way to approach a topic that is often caught more than taught.  Let me share some of my favorite books for helping with virtue formation…

Great Read Aloud Picture Books

Don't let the fact that these are "picture books" make you think they are just for little kids, they are definitely meant to be read as a family.  I believe picture books are one of the easiest and most concise ways to communicate character concepts to children young and old.  You won't want to miss the opportunity to discuss these great themes in virtue formation.  Your children will clearly see the character strengths or failings in each of the beautiful stories below.

Books for Great Discussions

These books are geared towards children that are generally in 3rd grade and up.  The themes are more mature and the discussions can be deeper.  My favorite of these is the Great Lessons in Virtue and Character by William Kilpatrick.  It features great explanations preceding the stories on character, and the excerpts are from great classic works of literature - pulling out just the chapter or two that deal with the character focus.  All of them are guaranteed to touch deep places and provoke conversation about virtue formation that you won't want to miss.

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