Friday, September 2, 2016

Schole' in Practice /Meet and Greet Orientation 2016-2017

It's been a long summer with lots of planning going on behind the scenes for our new school year! This year we have expanded to two days a week with 11 classes available on campus!  We have also added a middle school and 4-6 year old program!  It's been a year of growth and challenges, but we're very ready for what God has in store.  Join us as we kick off another year of putting Schole' into practice...

We welcomed our families this year with some liturgy.  We handed out uniforms and welcome packets of information we would be covering during our orientation that morning. Everyone got their name tags and headed into the sanctuary where they were greeted by hymns being played on the piano by Mary Fuller, our Music Theory Academic Mentor. 

We sang a hymn together, prayed, and then the students were dismissed to head out with their Academic Mentors for their own separate time of ice breakers, and going over the student handbook. Parents remained with the Director, where they shared in a presentation regarding all the dynamics of our community's plans and policies for the coming year.  Some of the highlights for our Community this fall are:
  • A deepened partnership with a retirement community next door to our facility.  Our 4-6 year olds will be spending their afternoons singing, crafting and learning with the residents.  We will also have monthly campus wide Schole' lunches at their facility, where our students will eat with the residents and play games before returning back to campus for afternoon classes. Lastly, our Moms will be using their Chapel each month to hold a campus wide parent prayer time. 
  • Schole' Sisters will be held monthly with a variety of events pre-planned for the year.  We kick off with a praise, prayer and worship time event this month!
  • Monthly field trips are planned for the year as well.  Students will have an additional day to enjoy time learning together on a variety of field trips from attending the orchestra to making cider at an apple orchard!
  • Schole' lunches will feature some fantastic blessings for our students ranging in variety from classical music to miniature horses!
  • Our classes have expanded to include:  Music Theory, Fine Arts, Latin, Math, Logic, Nature Study, English Grammar, Writing & Rhetoric, Science Experimentation, Geography, and Great Books!
  • Morning time is steeped in virtue focus with a newly written document we will be using to help students better understand the various student virtues we teach.  We also have plenty of object lessons for this year that coincide with our virtues - sure to help expand their understanding and make it memorable as well as fun.  Here's a sneak peak of what's inside...

Once we finished our orientation, we all headed outside with picnic lunches and spent a great time of fellowship while kids played!  I continue to be blown away by God's goodness and love.  I hope you will join us as I blog through this year's Schole' in practice.  I will be doing less writing and more pictures this year along with featuring our Schole' guest of the week.  I hope you will stay tuned as we capture our year of Schole' moments.


  1. This looks like such a wonderful plan! I think it's especially wonderful that your students and adults will be having interaction with your elderly neighbors. How kind and gracious, and I know it will be appreciated. Congratulations on what looks like a wonderful start to your school term!

    1. Thank you Cindy. I'm so thankful the Lord has placed us beside this retirement home and His blessings in it all continue as we seek to serve Him through our Community. I appreciate your encouragement. Blessings - Colleen

  2. I appreciate you sharing all the wonderful things you are doing! I am desperately trying to find my "restful place". I wish we had something like this in Midland MI! Question for you, is the virtue program you are using unique to your group or is it something that can be purchased. I am a second year homeschooler and I have four kids, two of whom are struggling learners and I struggle to find the Schole in it at the moment. Trying though! Thanks for the beautiful updates!