Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 12 SGCA - Schole in Practice

Our Schole' moments this week were filled with beauty and fun.  We began our practice for the upcoming learning celebration, enjoyed the beauty of God's creation on our nature study walk, had a fantastic comic fan artist join us for Schole' lunch and created some beautiful props, to name a few things that filled this week.  Join us for our recap of week 12 of Schole' in Practice…

Morning Time
Our Morning Time consisted of learning about our new virtue focus for the next couple weeks.  Today the kids learned what constancy means.  Our missionary focus was on Corrie Ten Boom.  We then prayed and dismissed with our blessing a few minutes early, so the kids could get started on their play practice!  

Great Books
The big day arrived for the kids!  They were given their scripts and their parts last week, and now it was time to begin to pull it all together.  Ms. Miller gave the kids an overview of what the morning would look like.  The kids flowed between practicing their scenes in Great Books, to creating props in Fine Arts.  
The kids were given a demonstration in how to act out what a narrator is describing, when you are on stage.  This play will have three narrators and our students will be doing the acting out of what is being narrated.  There are some lines the students have, but given the short amount of time to prepare, there wasn't time for memorizing an entire script.  The demonstration was for a reading of the prodigal son.  
Then the kids began their blocking of scenes and learning their choreography.

Fine Arts
Today's fine arts consisted of continued learning about making props.  They were working on some of the accessories for the play's clothing.  Our learning celebration committee was also busy working on clothing and props for the play, alongside the children.

Schole' Lunch
Our guest today was Scott Mason from Cuppa Comics, an artist who specializes in comic fan art, and the uncle of an SGCA family member.  He explained the various tools and methods he uses to create these pieces, and showed them several he had completed.  More importantly, he shared with them the parable of the talents from the Bible, and his personal story of hiding his talents for a period of time.  He shared how his talent is a gift from God and a reflection of God's glory and beauty in the world.  He encouraged the students to pursue their talents for God's glory and not hide them.  He ended his presentation time with having the kids answer questions from his presentation, and giving away his works to several that answered correctly.  The kids really enjoyed this artist and we hope to see him back again at SGCA!

We continued to work on our Latin books and learning the various vocabulary with this week's focus on adverbs.  The kids played a game of "mingle" to review their vocabulary, which is essentially a matching card game where the Latin word is on one card and the definition is on another card and the kids race to find their matches.

Our nature walk this week consisted of animal, bird and squirrel observation and data collection sheets, in their nature journals.  The kids were on the lookout for the animals and then once they spotted them, their sheets prompted them to answer a variety of questions for each of the categories of animals, helping them think through the various aspects of observation and classification.  We also played a game called Sleeping Miser at the end.  In this game, the students chose someone to become the "miser" and be blindfolded and hold a flag.  The remaining students formed a circle around the person, a little ways away, and then quietly tried to sneak up on the "miser" without him/her hearing them.  If they were heard, the "miser" would point to them and then they were frozen for the remaining play.  The person who was able to steel the flag successfully, became the next "miser".  The game emphasizes using your other senses of observation.  

This week during math games, the lower elementary students worked on addition and subtraction bingo while the upper elementary students worked on I Have Who Has multiplication version.  We timed them again and push ups were required if they went over the two minute mark!

Behind The Scenes
Our students came in for an extra half day on Thursday to work further on their play performance and the props!  Lots of fun and fellowship for the kids!

It was a Wonderful Wednesday together, and a Terrific Thursday to boot!


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  1. I love how you have the kids working on props as a part of their art training! I can't wait to see how it all comes together =)