Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 11 - SGCA Schole' in Practice

Our Schole' Moments consisted of deeper understandings about beauty, a patience test everyone failed during virtue study, our final ancient cinderella story and some crazy halloween Hippocrates, to name a few things!  Join us as we put Schole' into practice in our community….

Morning Time
This morning we wrapped up our look at the virtue patience with a fun activity.  We started with a missionary story about Jim Elliot and then we moved into our activity.  I asked for volunteers to take a "patience test" this morning.  The volunteers were each given a "test" with directions on it.  They were told that their directions may be different from their neighbors, so not to worry about what their neighbor may be doing.  They were also told to be sure to read all the directions and follow them carefully.  What ensued was comical.  None of the kids read through the instructions in their entirety before beginning.  So because they hadn't, they were doing all sorts of crazy motions and noises, as they did the instructions one at a time, until they got to the last instruction, which told them if they read through to the end, they didn't need to do any of them but just place the paper on the floor and stand on it!  We finished up with our memory verse recitation and then they were dismissed to their first classes.

Great Books
Today was our last book in the series of ancient cinderella stories we've read this quarter.  We traveled by imagination to Egypt for The Egyptian Cinderella story.  The kids worked through the now familiar story board, and identified all the elements of a story, which they have gotten very good at doing!  Next week we will begin our work on the ancient cinderella play that the students will be performing for their learning celebration.

Fine Arts
Today our students finished up adding their gold leaf to their illuminations they began working on last week.  They also had a continued lesson in making props.  This week they learned how to work in layers for creating dimension. 

Schole' Lunch
This week we were honored to have master artist, Gary Bradley from Waverly Artists Group.  Gary is passionate about Truth and Beauty and his presentation on this subject in relationship to art, was inspiring for the students and adults alike.  He brought along his outdoor easel, a number of interesting paint brushes, and paintings for the students to handle, and he explained to them their use and varying costs based on their composition.  It was a joy to have a Christian Artist who shares his gift for God's glory.  Waverly Artist Group also offers a number of classes for adults and children alike.  I would highly recommend you check them out if you are local!

Following this presentation, the students were engaged in a few choices for our indoor recess (we hit our first week of rainy weather - God has been so good to us).  They had a choice of playing chess, playing Mancala or doing a Bible Study with my daughter (her idea). 

This week they worked on their Latin vocabulary after watching the weekly instruction video.  They played charades and had fun guessing the correct Latin word for the action that was being done.

Our featured math game this week had the students draw cards from three piles.  Pile one was a setting card, pile two was a number and pile three was an operation card.  They then had to take the cards they drew and come up with a word problem story.  Lower elementary played a math game using a deck of playing cards and practiced their addition and subtraction.

Our science lesson was on Hippocrates today!  We learned about the Hippocratic Oath he is credited with writing, and then they learned about his discovery regarding wine and wounds.  He discovered that putting wine on a wound and covering it, helped it to heal better.  I had the kids write their own Oath as a student of SGCA.  Then they moved on to making their own wounds today in honor of some fun for Halloween and the topic of study!  The kids had a blast with this activity.

The girls wanted to "scare the boys" so they all laid on the floor after class, waiting for the boys to come out to switch classes.  The boys were trying to figure out what had happened in Science today!  LOL  
I love teaching the boys and girls as gender separated groups.  It's so cool to see the differences in thinking between the two groups.  So much fun!
We had a wonderful wednesday together!

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