Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Season Recap!

Merry Christmas!  December ran away with me.  How about you?  I almost can't believe it's gone in a few more days, along with this 2014 year!  Here is a recap of what we were consumed with this Christmas Season...

We started out the month having committed in the fall to a Spiritual Twist Productions play, that ran the first week of December.  I volunteered to help with some things that turned out to be wonderful, but all encompassing.  The play was a beautiful testament to Christ's coming and I'm glad my daughter was able to participate and I was able to serve.  However, before I knew it, we were entering week two of December...
We have a few traditions that we do each year for the Holiday.  One of them is to make a gingerbread house.  This year Sarah was able to do it without my help.  She was very proud of her design.  
I shared previously about our tradition of giving Jesus our heart and hands for each coming year.  We started this when my son was just a toddler.  It's so neat to look back at the hands and see them grow each year and they enjoy it as well.
We always are making something for someone during the Holiday.  This year we made trail mix for family and friends in pretty mason jars with decorative ribbons.  Then to jazz up giving money - we ditched the money cards and made these fun "Christmas Tree Farms" by origami folding dollar bills.  We used some supplies we had on hand like; some styrofoam boxes, Chinese chopsticks, wire and some beads.  It was a lot of folding, but it was fun doing it with my daughter.  It certainly made giving money seem more meaningful this year.  I got the idea from going to a friends and helping her do the same thing for her family and friends.  Love it when we can share ideas.  She said she found the idea where you would expect - Pinterest!      
One of our last traditions, is having Sarah set up the nativity scene under the Christmas tree and then finding Baby Jesus on Christmas morning.  My daughter loves this activity each year.  On Christmas Eve, I remove the Baby Jesus from the manger scene under our tree, and hide it somewhere in the room.  She looks for it before we open gifts together.  This year she had to enlist Daddy's help to reach it!  
We also had our Wonderful Wednesday party, went to a Christmas play, attended a close friend's Christmas Caroling party in their neighborhood (which is a tradition we share with them), and then we were very thankful and blessed, to find out my husband's collapsing at Church the Sunday before Christmas, was not a serious cardiac or stroke event.'s been a busy, but blessed month and I have much to be thankful for.  

There are changes coming this year for my family.  I will hope to share more about that at a later date,  as the Lord prayerfully reveals to us His direction for our family.  I believe 2015 is going to be a year filled with change.  

I do hope you all had a very blessed Christmas Season as well.  


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