Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mastering Your Multiplication Tables

My daughter and I have been working together during our break, to try and master her times tables for Memory Master this spring (Memory Master is part of Classical Conversations®).   This will be her first year requiring her to do the times tables for Memory Master, instead of just skip counting.

As we were working on the tables, she realized that it helped her when she just applied the songs that she had already learned for skip counting via CC, to the multiplication tables.  She then decided that it would be super cool to make videos and share that with other CC kids.  I encouraged her to make the videos - after all, what is more classical then turning around and teaching what you've mastered?  Unfortunately, the videos are not too high quality, since they were done on my iPhone.  However, they are good enough to hopefully spark you or your child's minds to apply the songs that they have learned in their skip counting years, to the multiplication tables -if that makes it easier to memorize them and carry over what they have already learned.  I was surprised at how quickly she has mastered the multiplication tables by using this method.  Encourage your children to do their own renditions of the songs they've learned skip counting and even create their own videos to memorize their tables too!  Click on my Youtube channel to see all of them.



  1. Great job! We've been working on skip counting too (not tables, though). Those high ones are tricky =) I love how knowing it makes regular math lessons so much easier.

    1. Amy - Thank you for featuring Sarah's videos and Living and Learning at Home. She was very excited! :) Blessings - Colleen