Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Party -Wonderful Wednesday 2014

The month of December is a busy month!  It's so hard to fit everything in you want to.  Thankfully, we were able to get together for a small celebration of God's goodness in putting together this group of women and children, that we call Wonderful Wednesdays!  My daughter has been in the middle of long and late night rehearsals for a Christmas fundraiser play and I've been helping with costuming for it, so I didn't get too elaborate this year.  However, we did eat a yummy breakfast together, do some fun games and make a neat little craft.  
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On our menu for breakfast was:
  • Santa Waffles
  • Egg & Sausage Casserole
  • OJ 
My Santa didn't have any eyes.  Perhaps that's because I was out late doing costuming for our final dress rehearsal with my daughter and my own eyes were not very open at this point in the morning.  

We started out our time making some fake snow!  This was easy peasy.  You just need some baking soda and hair conditioner!  It's 3 cups of baking soda to 1/2 cup of conditioner.  You can add more conditioner if needed to get to the right consistency.  The kids made snowmen families!  
Even my son had fun playing with it.   (I love his zebra robe he put on because he was cold.)  LOL
We then decided since the mess was already there, we would go ahead and do the craft.  It was making luminaries with epsom salts.  Another easy peasy idea.  
Supplies Needed:
Paint the exterior of the jar in it's entirety, covering all the sides.  Next roll it into epsom salts covering it in it's entirety as well.  Let it dry if you are able to.  Once it's dry, then add the ribbon of your choosing via some hot glue around the lip of the jar.  Hot glue in place some greenery, pinecones or whatever you want to add that decorative touch!  Stick a tea light candle in the bottom!

We started playing some games for the Holiday.  The kids were broken into two teams and then each team was given a word scramble.  It was one I made and you can access it here.  They raced to see which team could figure out the scramble and get them all done and correct first.
The kids were then given a snowman to cut up and some dice.  There was a code and I called out when to roll their dice together.  Anyone who rolled a number that corresponded with a part on the snowman, was able to add that element to their snowman.  The first one to build the snowman completely was the winner.  I got this great little print out/game over at
Another team challenge game was next.  The kids had one hand tied behind their backs with duck tape and then as a team, they had to work together to wrap a present.  The first team to wrap their present was the winner.
Then to finish this challenge, the kids had to put on a snow glove and work together to see which team could be the fastest at unwrapping their gift!
Last but not least was the penguin walk race.  The kids all lined up on the blue line with their toes touching and each was given a bean bag to keep on their feet, as they waddled to the finish line trying to be first.  We ended up with some interesting penguins that jumped instead of waddling, as they squeezed the beanbags between their feet!  LOL
I had some small gifts for the kids that were lots of fun.  If you're looking for some fun little gifts to give to a class here is what they each got:
All in all it was a terrific Wednesdays to end our first half of the year.  

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