Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Creating an Eye to See Him - Bunny Discovery!

Spring is here!  I think it's official now; as the calendar's first day of spring has passed, the trees have begun to bud, not to mention the dogwood and cherry trees already in full bloom.  We had our first sighting of all things spring on Saturday...baby bunnies!  While cleaning out the garden and getting it ready for planting, four precious baby cotton tail bunnies were found among last year's overgrowth.  They jumped out as the hoeing began and gave this young gentleman helping us, a good startle!

The girls were quick to run over and want to hold them and relocate them to safe territory away from the previous weed garden!  We couldn't find the "momma" rabbit, but reassured the girls, that she would find her babies in their new safe location.

 So a quick impromptu study of cottontails revealed:

Herbivores preferring leafy green vegetation and feed mainly at night
Lifespan average is 3 years 
Habitat is all over the world from grasslands and meadows to deserts and wetlands
30 different species in the world
Range from 8" to 20" and less than 1 pound to 4 pounds
Social and adapt well to humans
Popular prey and spend most of their day hidden in vegetation or burrows underground
They flee predators in a zig zag pattern and can run up to 18 mph
Their ears are used to detect predators 
They breed at least three or four times a year w/average 3 to 7 young per litter
Baby rabbits are called kits and are born blind and hairless
Rabbits have near 360-degree vision
Named for their cotton looking white tails

So Creating an Eye to See Him....
My daughter thought it was so neat that we found bunny's right before Easter.  So it got me thinking - today's world sees Easter as everything bunny rabbit, colored egg and candy.  I thought how could I see Jesus in any of that and show my daughter?  So I decided that both rabbits and eggs are fertility symbols from pagan rituals. A fertility symbol is a picture that reminds us of the creation of new life.  We are given new life in Christ.  The candy?  Well.....I guess it reminds me of the Sweetness of knowing Jesus.  That's the best I can do with all that.  LOL  :) 


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