Monday, April 7, 2014

Year 2 Wonderful Wednesday's in Review!

It's hard to believe that Year 2 for us, has come to a close.  Sadly, that means that our Wonderful Wednesdays are coming to an end as well!  I thought I would recap our year in dress-ups and feature my two favorite from the first and last 12 weeks of Wonderful Wednesdays!  I'd love to hear from you by comment below, about which were your favorite's from this year!

Weeks 1-12 Dress Up....
My favorite by far was the Marie Antoinette costume from the first 12 weeks!

Weeks 13-24 Dress Up...
My favorite on these weeks was a toss up between Winston Churchill and the Russian Spy.  I went with the Russian spy since it is timely!

I know these pictures make some of you look at what we do with Wonderful Wednesday's and think.....
but let me share with you four reasons why we do Wonderful Wednesdays, and hopefully encourage you to pray about starting your own version with friends in your Community!
  • Parents - the prayers, support, encouragement, advice, mentorship and love that has been given in this group has been priceless.  
  • Children - the friendships have been deeper and joyful, encouraging one another along the way.
  • Educationally - the things the kids are learning while in group together are amazing.  They love science, every last one of them look forward to the experiments, the learning and the silly, crazy fun.  They see learning as a joy to be anticipated, not a drudge to be avoided.
  • Community - the kids and parents are more connected when they step foot in their Community.  They see familiar faces, friendships have been forged and the experience in their Community is enhanced as a result of getting together in small group one day a week.  
I see Wonderful Wednesdays in relation to my Community day, similar to the relationship of a small group to the Church service on Sundays.  The small group would never take the place of the Worship and Preacher but it brings people together in a deeper, more connected way, enhancing their walk with God and their relationship with one another as Believers.  I see the relationship I have with my Community and Wonderful Wednesdays in a similar way.  I wouldn't expect to replace my Community day with a Wonderful Wednesday.  I see it as an enhancement and a deepening of my Community experience, making my curriculum more rich and meaningful to myself and my child.

So I'm working on the Year 3 Wonderful Wednesdays!  I hope to have it available before May!  If there is anything you would like to see in the next version, feel free to comment!  If you have been doing your own version of Wonderful Wednesday - link it up for us to see by clicking below!

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  1. What a WONDERFUL idea! Do you have a list somewhere that describes what you did each week?