Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Year 2 - Week 8 Pirates/Explorers - The Sun (Part 1 of 2)

Year 2          Week 8            Pirates/Explorers - The Sun (Part 1 of 2)

Today's Wonderful Wednesday will be done in two separate posts, since we had two projects.  So this is Part 1 of 2.  The first project we tackled was an artistic rendition of the sun.  This project was beautiful, had a sensory component and fun to do for the kids.  It went with our memory work for science regarding the sun.

The supplies you need are as follows:
* Black poster board (cut in half)
* White poster board (cut into circles)
* Paint in red, orange and yellow colors
* Q-tips for painting
* Plastic wrap
* Label of the parts of the sun -if you want one (optional)

The first thing you do is take your circular poster board piece (white) and lay it out in front of your child.  Give them yellow, red and orange paint and have them squeeze out blobs of it around the circle in a random fashion.  Next you will take plastic wrap and place it over the top.  Then have them squish and squeeze until they have it mixed to their satisfaction and artistic liking.  

Then you take your black poster board and put white glue in a circular pattern to glue down the "sun" they just made.  Carefully apply your sun to the black poster board.  We used the plastic wrap wadded up to press down on the sun to ensure it stuck to the poster board.  It actually made a neat pattern in the sun that the kids liked.

Next we took yellow, red and orange paint with Q-tips and the kids made their solar flares like this....

Lastly, we glued on our little label of the parts of the sun, to the bottom corner of our project.  I found a label online by googling "parts of the sun" till I found one that matched closely to our memory work.  This project was super easy, fun and very beautiful when it was finished!

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