Thursday, April 11, 2013

Achieving Excellence- Finishing Strong!

Monday we had our last class in our Community.  The kids did an awesome job this year!  My girls rocked it out this year, all achieving Memory Master!  I wanted to encourage all the kids this year to strive to do their personal best with regards to their memory work, so I offered a Mrs. Leonard's Excellence Award with a medal for any of the kids who were able to master at least one area of the memory work for all 24 weeks or made it at least to Tutor Testing.  Each of the kids in the class achieved at least one of those levels.  We had a "history master", "latin master", and a "tutor test achievement" along with the four memory masters that made it through to the Director level.  They were all very proud of their achievements and really encouraged and celebrated each other's levels of achievement - we had a fun end of year party to celebrate with gifts and chocolate tea bread (and lots of crazy running around and free playing with their gifts - which I'm usually so structured, it was a true treat for the kids to cut loose in my class...LOL)!  It was a great year and I felt like everyone finished strong!  I won't be surprised to see all these kids achieve Memory Master next year, now that they got a taste of recognition for working hard and achieving all they could for this year.  I think they all walked away inspired.

I'm already planning ahead for next year.  I have had a few set backs with a friend in crisis as well as the sudden passing of my sister in law.  However, I'm hoping to have Cycle 2 Teaching Plans ready for sale in the coming week.  I have made a number of improvements to make it even more user friendly and inspire creativity with the memory work and incorporating a Wonderful Wednesday's in your own home or CC Community.  So stay tuned.....


  1. Woohoo! I cannot tell you happy it makes me to hear that your plans for Cycle 2 will be available soon! I jumped on your blog today just to find out if you had started it, how delightful that they'll be available soon! They were such an amazing resource for my planning the last half of Cycle 1, thank you so much! Your plans in combination with some of the other things we did made the last part of the year run so smoothly. I am looking forward to begin planning for next year!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I will be implementing this idea in my classroom next year.