Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  This has been a truly blessed Easter Season for us.  We started our week with Sarah singing Palm Sunday at Church for the Choir.  Then we began working on our Passion Week poster board (see previous post for instructions) -where we read the Bible passages and discussed the things that took place each day of the final week of Jesus' life.  We then made a symbol/craft of some sort to communicate something about that week to help us remember and affixed it to the square under that day/information.  Good Friday we attended a Worship Service at a friend's Church at noon.  Then we went to another friend's Church for a gallery style depiction of the Passion Week.  You walked in and the Sanctuary was dark except for the small lights that hung over each picture depicting something from each day of the Passion Week.  The final thing you came to was a large wooden cross.  Beside the cross was sheets of paper, nails and some hammers.
We were the only people there at that moment so I snapped a quick picture!
You could write any care, worry, prayer, concern -whatever - and then nail it to the cross.  So creative and cool; cathartic for anyone hurting as well.  It culminated in a gigantic picture of Jesus coming out of the tomb and the Lord's Supper that you could take before leaving.  Finally, we went to a Passover Seder but this Seder was different.  It was led by a Messianic Jew who explained all the symbolism of the Messiah, Jesus, in each aspect of the Jewish Seder.  It was very interesting.  We thoroughly enjoyed it!  Then of course today was Resurrection Sunday!  After Church we had lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt with family at Grandma's house!  It was a truly blessed week focused on what really matters!

Here is our completed poster!

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