Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Passion Week Project

I wanted a way to help my daughter really understand what the Passion Week was and how Jesus spent his last week on Earth!  So I put this project together that helps her understand it.  She was doing it with her best friend.  It's not completed (we've only got 3 days done at this posting), but I thought I'd post it free to anyone who wants to use the idea/materials.


Poster Board, construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, glue gun, spare change/pennies, craft stix and raffia or ribbon.

Print out this Passion Week Project Document

Cut it to fit how you want to line up the days on your poster.  I did 3x3x2 but you could do it 3x2x3 or another way.  Be creative and just leave enough room to put the daily craft on.

Take the poster and choose color construction paper and make a cross, gluing it down once you've placed the paper where you want it.  I lined up not only my construction paper but also the cut out pieces of the Passion Week printout so I knew where place everything best before we started glueing anything down.  Like this....

Then we glued down our information....

The next thing we did once we had our information "base" was to discuss each square and picked one idea from the information for that day to base a craft on.  So for the first day with the Triumphant Entry -we decided to make palm branches with a donkey.  The second day we decided to make tables tipped over with change on them to symbolize his cleansing the temple.  The third day we used popsicle sticks and white paper glueing them to each end of the paper and making a scroll - this represented Jesus teaching in the Temple.  The girls wrote the Torah on it and inside the first 5 books of the Bible and used raffia to tie it shut.  I hot glued both the pennies and the "Torah" to the poster board because they are weighty.  Each day we will discuss the information and decide what "craft" will represent something from that day.  I will post when we've completed it.  

To finish our week we are going to attend a Passover Seder and then Sunrise Service!  

You can view my previous post if you'd like to make the salt dough tomb/stone/Jesus in the background.


  1. I would really love this document, but can't get it to open. Could you please email it to me?


    1. I have fixed the link. Thank you for letting me know. If you have any further problems let me know. Hope you enjoy!

  2. Thanks for sharing, but I can't get it to open either. :(

    1. I fixed it - try it again and it should be able to take you to the document. Sorry - still not super techy!

  3. This is really fun and such a great experience for the kids at their young age they already know Jesus Christ. This is really great and overwhelming. Thanks this is encouraging.