Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Week #16 - Four Types of Volcanoes!

Wonderful Wednesday's today we worked on a project involving labeling, painting and adding effects like smoke or snow to 4 different volcano types to go with our Science for this week.  The pictures don't do it justice on how cute/good these turned out with the kids.  We also had a little Mesoamerica feel going on with the kids outfits/hats!  :)

So here is what I did to make them....

First I went to BJ's to get their boxes that hold the orange juice (they're tall on the sides but lower in the front).  That way I was able to cut the sides down low enough to see the project but high enough to add their labels/photos, which I made with definitions for each type of volcano.  Next I got empty toilet paper rolls and those became our vents for the volcano.  I taped them down -one for each kind of volcano they were learning - 4 in all.

Next I built up the "frame" for the volcano.  I used crumpled newspaper to put around the tp roll and then used strips of cardboard to make a sturdy frame.  Then I had my handy Husband use foam sealer to go around the frame to give each volcano it's shape.  There were two types of expanding foam he had on hand.  The orange is a fire code type...I think that was what he said.

 Once I had them made, I set out paints, construction paper, copies of the labels/photos/definitions, hot glue guns and fiber fill and cotton balls and we let the kids go to town creating their masterpieces!  We used the fiberfill to make "smoke" - which worked very well.  We used the cotton balls to be the snow for our dormant volcano....

We also did our lapbooks of course and our review games!  Our Wednesday was WONDERFUL as they always are!  So thankful for this group of women and children!  We're having a blast working through our Memory Work together as a group each week!

Of course no Mesoamerican theme would be complete without ending it on a Corn Chips and Salsa note!


  1. Do you have a link to the handout you had with the definitions/picture/images of the 4 different kinds of volcanoes?

  2. Hi Kelli - I just uploaded it to CC Connected. Search under Week 16 Four Types of Volcanoes - breathoflife is the username posted under if you search that way. :) Blessings, Colleen

  3. My kids LOVED this project! Thank you Mr. DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I was wonering so do you meet with some of your cc group outside of cc day as well as having cc day? for some of these cool related projects?

    1. Many of the families that were in my Wonderful Wednesday group were from my CC Community and the class I tutored. It was a second day that we all met each week to build out the memory work with my Teaching Plan and do these great projects together. I encourage you to start a group in your area with like minded moms from your CC Community. :)