Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week #16 - Mesoamerica lapbook

We started our Week #16 for Wonderful Wednesday's prep tomorrow.  Today my daughter and I did the lapbook by newbeehomeschoolers.  Here is the link for the lapbooks to download them.  They did a great job creating a simple to do but key information lapbook.  http://www.newbeehomeschooler.com/apps/blog/show/18969726-ancient-maya-lapbook

We enjoyed doing it -it was easy and we were able to complete it and read through our History in about an hour and a half total.  Lots of projects like this are part of the Solagratiamom Enrichment Teaching Plan for suggested resources to help you build out your memory work each week.  There are many projects like this throughout the Teaching Plan that you can choose from each week!   It really helps make memorizing permanent and memorable.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog - we're doing 4 types of Volcanos Project.  It is going to be a big one! Don't forget to enter for the free drawing to win a lapbook for the Orchestra!  See how to the right of the page!

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