Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's reflections

Happy New Years!!

This year I purposed to live more intentionally.  Do things with the intent of first glorifying God and secondly, serving those around me.  In the past, I felt like I didn't have a "ministry" because I can't be in Church as often as I would like and say "I'm serving here or there".  Having a child with special needs makes it difficult at times to do things that you would otherwise have done or participated in.  We've even had seasons when he was younger and struggling medically/behaviorally till we were able to get accurate diagnoses - when we weren't even able to attend Church at all.  That was a very difficult season for me, personally.  God kept me close and allowed me personal time with Him in private, gave me a godly mentor/friend and with reading books too, that kept me moving forward in my walk - but it's certainly been a challenge.  If I didn't want Him so much - I surely would have given up.

We've found a way to make attending our Church possible with the blessing of some kind people there who are willing to support us and learn how to work with my son's needs, so he can handle attending a special sunday school.  We have had to adjust - giving up our own Sunday School's and service in formal ministries that involve nights/weekends when our help with my son isn't consistent (or at the moment even available).  It was several years ago during that "darker" period for me, that God spoke to my heart and showed me that my ministry was IN my home and I need not go anywhere.  My Children and husband are my first ministry of course, but also through the network of people I can support in my home - namely those who work with my son and those who come to my home for both Wonderful Wednesday's and in friendship - I can bless them as well and serve them with the gifts and talents God has given me.  So I've taken that charge and have tried to work that "ministry" to God's glory and in turn it's truly blessed my heart.

I spent time reflecting on the things that were accomplished in 2012 and those that I had wished I could have accomplished but just ran out of time or energy!  I reflected upon the things that meant the most to me in this past year - how I spent my time and talents building into the lives of other's for the glory of God.  I first and foremost spent much of my time building into the lives of my own children - teaching/educating, training, disciplining, discipling, directing, discovering and just trying to create a sense of awe at the world we live in and the God we serve.  I secondly spent much of my time building into the educational wonder/lives of kids around me and giving tools to those parent's around me to do the same. I wanted those I Tutor at my local Classical Conversation's Community and the children that come to Wonderful Wednesday's -to see that learning is fun/creative and God is good and great as well as inspire those Mom's to become more creative in their teaching at home too.  Lastly, I reflected on the time spent building into the lives of those friends I've been blessed with and those precious workers who God has brought into my home to help me with my special needs son.  I've tried to minister to the spiritual needs that have been shared/presented and also to the physical needs or just sharing experience and knowledge I've gained from the path God has taken me on in my own personal life.

Some of the biggest blessings to me from 2012 were:

1)  Lifestyle witnessing and discipling one of my son's workers.
2)  Meeting what has become one of my dearest friends whom I am truly blessed by.
3)  Seeing the continued faithfulness of Brittney who has worked steadfastly with my son for over 10
      years now - she continues to amaze and bless me by her presence!
4)  Wonderful Wednesdays - this group we started has been so much fun and blessing to me!
5)  Blessing others with my Teaching Plan at the suggestion of my Director from CC.
6)  Tutoring - I continue to love my class of kids that I've had for the past 2 years and the sweet faces!
7)  Event Coordinating - helping others catch the vision of CC through events like Review Parties.
8)  Being blessed to have my Dad here for a visit and my brother (first time in 6 years!) - now if we can
     get my Mom to come -that will make it a wonderful 2013!
9)  Deciding to homeschool my special needs son and bring him back home after 3 years in public.
10) Getting away with my husband to the mountains for our anniversary with dear friends - been years!
11) Focusing our Holiday Seasons on Christ this year was a true blessing to me and made it less
      stressful and much more joyful and enjoyable.
12) Having a friend prompt the starting of a Bible Study that has really blessed all who attend.

Some of the harder things in 2012 were:

1)  Saying goodbye to Mr. Blake.  He worked with my son for over 2 years and was a godly presence
     in my home and the lives of my children.  We miss him.
2)  Saying goodbye to Ms. Erynn.  Engaged in July and moved to SC, she also spent over 2 years in
     my home and at Wonderful Wednesdays.  She has left a big void in our home and lives and we miss
     her tremendously.
3)  Losing an Uncle this fall.
4)  Continued health battles for my son.
5)  Changing of State services and the impact it is having on my family and will continue to have.
6)  Narrowing my field and focus of friends to be more effective in service to those God called me to.
7)  Missing my family and wishing the distance wasn't so far.
8)  Having my husband go through back surgery and recovery and the days leading up to that decision.
9)  A dear friend and dorm mate from College being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.
10) Losing our ability to have date nights.

Thankfully, my blessings outweighed my struggles in the end this year and I'm so thankful for that!  God has been good to me and my family, continuing to amaze me with His mercies - which are new every day.  I'm thankful for my health and the energy that God gives me to do what I do.

I pray for each of you that are reading - may God bless you in 2013 with steadfastness of heart for Him, vision to see His purposes in your life -both blessings and struggles and the desire to walk in Truth.

This is going to be an amazing year - 2013 - I anxiously await to see what He has planned!

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