Saturday, December 29, 2012

Epiphany - Three Kings Day - 12 Days of Christmas Lapbook - FREE

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I made a simple lapbook on the Epiphany to do with my daughter tonight (you may have heard of the epiphany referred to as Three Kings Day or 12 Days of Christmas).  I'm happy to send it to anyone who e-mails me and asks -    We wrote in our own "Blessing" and the Latin and English meaning as well as the traditionally accepted "names" of the wise men.  The lapbook has the referred to names of the Epiphany, a recipe for king's crown cookies, a Bible Treasure Hunt with the 12 days relating to the Bible, information on the 3 gifts from the Magi, Information on King Harod, the Star and the lyrics to We Three Kings song (which we sang together as we did the labpook).  I was lazy and didn't fold the file folder in as I probably could have.  :)

There are lots of ways to learn about the Epiphany and a couple different takes on it depending on what Country you are in.  We did the lapbook tonight and we are going to make crown cookies and have a Bible Treasure Hunt on the 6th.  While we aren't Catholic, I enjoy learning more about the world I live in and those who worship around it.  I want to pass that love of God and his worshippers to my daughter and son.  I also think it creates a better awareness regarding those around us and increases my children's grammar of the world they live in as well.

I got many of the links with photos and information from this website and it's various links:

Here is the link to download this lapbook for FREE  EPIPHANY LAPBOOK

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  1. Love this, we used this last year, but unfortunately our computer crashed this past year and we lost everything, UGH...
    My daughter is older this year and it would be great to do this with her and also review with my son, can you please email me the lapbook printables. Unfortunately the link with resources, many are no longer available.
    Thank you, God bless, and Happy 3 Kings Day!