Thursday, December 20, 2012

Classical Conversations Week 13 - Africa

In keeping with the start of Week #13 - we made African Masks for Wonderful Wednesday's.  I bought the masks from  We then looked through a large picture book of Africa that had pictures of all the people groups in the countries of Africa.  The kids then used paints to create their masks.  Once painted we used some sequins and then hot glued straw on the top for those who wanted to do that.  This was their final product!


  1. Could you tell me more about how you coordinate your wonderful Wednesdays? Do you rotate parents homes, craft fees, etc.? Thank you!

  2. Hi Amber - Wonderful Wednesdays came from my desire as a Tutor to help my parents in my class see how CC could be a Core curriculum and build that out on a weekly basis. That's actually where the Teaching Plans came from as well. They were both an effort on my part to help build our Community, encourage the Moms in my CC Class to simplify and make CC their Core. That being said, because I write all the plans/come up with the ideas - I coordinate the WW for our group. We don't rotate houses - they all come to my home - simply because I have a good set up for it with lots of tables/room/kitchenette so it's convenient space to use and I have many of the supplies we use on hand. It allows me to set up the project the night before so it's ready to go that next morning too. We did start out assigning parents to buy certain craft supplies I didn't have on hand -but that ended up not working well - so in the end - we just came up with an amount everyone split per 12 weeks of projects based on materials I would be purchasing or using that I had previously purchased. However, I think using the WW plan - you could easily write a supplies list, coordinate rotating at one another's homes letting each Parent take turns doing the set of for that week's project and could do it any day that might work for your group - start a Terrific Tuesdays, Fabulous Friday - whatever works to allow the kids to enjoy the memory work, get their hands into it and make it come off the page for them as well as provide fellowship and encouragement/break for you Moms. Feel free to e-mail me if you are thinking of starting a group and need any additional information. I'm happy to help wherever I can. Blessings - Colleen