Friday, December 21, 2012

Christ in Manger with Footprint Craft

We made Christ in Mangers for the Holiday on Canvas to give as a gift.  This is a beautiful and easy craft to do on a canvas as a neat keepsake for a Grandparent or Parent.  You need an inexpensive canvas (found mine at Ollie's), gold glitter glue, brown paint, yellow paint, blue paint, off-white paint, white paint and black paint.  Medium and fine paint brushes work well.  I also had gold stars from Michael's that were about 1" in size.  We first "painted" the bottom of a foot with brown paint.  This is fun and ticklish for the kids!  Then I helped them carefully apply their painted foot to the canvas.

Next I lightly drew a swaddled Jesus for them to paint inside the lines of.  We painted an X on the bottom of the foot for a base.  We then painted yellow in the upper left corner after adding some white to make it very pale so it became a "glow" background for our star.  We mixed blue with white to come up with baby blue for the baby Jesus' blanket he was swaddled in and then off white for his face.  We hot-glued straw for his manager and added our star in the corner.  Lastly, I wrote Luke 2:12 for them to trace in black paint.  They "signed" their artwork and put the year in the bottom corners.

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