Saturday, December 22, 2012

Making Wise men Christmas Cards

So we decided to make wise men Christmas cards.  Supplies you need are:  Brown paint, paint brush, gold stars (about 1"), purple paint, beige paint, black paint, gold glitter glue, toothpick and colored construction paper.  The first thing we did is paint a hand with brown paint (this will become the "camel" they ride on).  Once you've painted the hand, make a handprint upside down to the fold and then flip it over once dry.  You will add 2 purple finger prints one on top of each other (this is the wise man's robes).  Next you will make a beige fingerprint on top of the purple to become his face.  Add a tail off the left side of the handprint, but some feet on the bottom of the fingers and an eye and a little extra around the curve of your handprint (see picture).  This gives it a "camel" like appearance.  Next take a toothpick and dip it in black paint and make an eye and a mouth on your wise man.  
Lastly, add a gold crown with the gold glitter glue and stick your gold star in the upper corner.  

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