Monday, March 13, 2017

SGCA Christmas Party 2016

Given the Nor'easter that is heading up the east coast to dump some serious March time snow, I thought I'd finally get around to posting about the Christmas party we had back in December!  

We had a wonderful Christmas party, which included a glockenspiel music recital by our students, yummy food, and a service project for the retirement home residents to brighten their doors for the Season.  Join us as we recount our Schole' Christmas party!

We began our party with a potluck brunch and an opportunity for families and students to fellowship.  

Our students learn music theory on a glockenspiel.  Not only is it a great instrument for learning theory, it's a fun one to say you can play too!  They played a variety of Christmas tunes they had been working on to show their parents at the party!  They did a great job!  

We were asked to make wreaths to be given to the residents from the students, in order to bring some Christmas cheer.  We were very happy to oblige!

When the recital was done, wreaths complete, and food gone, we headed over to the retirement home to begin hand delivering the Christmas cheer ourselves. 

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