Sunday, May 7, 2017

Schole' in Practice Weeks 14-16

It's been a very blessed time at SGCA despite my blogging shortcomings.  We've had some wonderful guests for Schole' lunches.  SFC James Medina, one of our SGCA Dads, spoke with our students about his military career.  Claire Ramsey with Stories by Claire, a local professional story teller, entertained the kids with her engaging stories.  Jacey Edwards, who recently tried out for The Voice, shared her beautiful voice with the students.  I can't fail to mention the student presentations for geography that were super as well!  We continued to spend scheduled lunches with the retirement home residents, as well as our weekly visits from our 4-6 year old class. So join us as you walk visually through our last several weeks following the Holiday. 

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  1. Beautifully documented! The Spirit and joy I see here is just....Inspirational! I look forward to your 2017-2018 blog and I follow SGCA with much interest and enthusiasm. Thank you for you great work from my appreciative and sincere heart.