Sunday, January 1, 2017

1st Learning Celebration! Latin Poetry Cafe' with a Beatnik Twist!

Our first Learning Celebration of the year was a great success!  We decided to focus on what our students have learned their first six weeks in the subjects of Latin and Great Books.  Students studied Roman life and culture as they worked through their Latin for Child Primer A curriculum.  They also studied literary devices in their Great Books class, writing their own poetry for each of those devices.  They chose their favorite poem from Great Books and they were each assigned an aspect of Roman life to write a poem for using their Latin vocabulary.   Join us as we celebrate our first six weeks.  Oh and you won't want to miss our surprise intermission show put on by a couple of our talented Dads...

 Lower Elementary - Latin Poetry

Lower elementary students were assigned to write a Latin poem using their vocabulary words in the style of Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham.  It was a clever twist our Academic Mentor came up with and the kids did a great job!

Upper Elementary/Middle - Latin Poetry

Upper elementary wrote their own Latin poems utilizing the various aspects of Roman life and culture as their theme.  They came up with some very amazing poems and we learned a bit about Rome to boot!


One of our very talented Dads wrote some original poetry and song for the intermission period.  He cleverly composed some funny words to entertain the entire group.  

Two more fun loving Dads warmed up our audience to the beatnik theme with their rendition of poetry about some funky fun fruits!

Beatnik Poetry - Upper and Middle School

Students composed their own original works utilizing the various literary devices they learned about the first quarter of this year.  We have some very talented writers in this group and some definite actors and actresses.  It was a great show!

Our Poets Strike a Funny Pose!

Students got ready to perform and parents were waiting for the doors to open and the show to begin.

4-6 Year Olds

Our 4-6 year olds students displayed their nature crafts for our learning celebration and took part in the audience as well. 

All Our Students

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  1. This looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! I wish we had a group like this here in MI!