Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Week 26 - Schole' in Practice

This was our last week together and the evening of our final Learning Celebration!  We had a great time doing lots of science experiments and games.  Join us as we end our year…explosively!

Morning Time
We prayed together this morning, recalling God's goodness to us this year, and then discussed our year's virtue focus.  To end the year on a fun note, we read Splat the Cat.

Learning Celebration Rehearsal
I love this collage, it shows our Academic Mentor's exuberant and infectious love for what she does.  She has inspired the students this year in literature with such animated, fun approaches to Great Books.  Her love of Great Books has been caught by everyone on campus!  This morning they were working through their final rehearsal together and getting some last minute encouragement before the big performance.  
Behind the puppet scenery is our Fine Arts teacher, who has worked extensively on making the backgrounds and shadow puppets.  She's invested much of her heart and time in giving instruction to our students on how to operate the shadow and hand puppets needed for our final Learning Celebration.  She has used her God given talents for the Lord in such a tremendous way this year for SGCA.  We're very thankful for all she has done.  The kids have a great show for their parents and friends tonight, integrating what they learned in Fine Arts about ancient shadow puppetry and their Aesop's fables covered in Great Books this last quarter.  

Schole' Lunch 
Today's Schole' performer may look familiar - she was a repeat guest from our first week of school!  A wonderful violinist, and the sister of one of our current student's, glorifying the Lord with her talents.

Schole' Playground

On the playground the student's started out with a math game, and then moved into playing a variety of games that were taught throughout this year.  

Science Extravaganza

Kids love science!  What better way to end the year than to do a science extravaganza of experiments?  We had lots of fun with dry ice demonstrations, exploding colors, exploding sandwich bags, shaving cream art and making chain reactions.  It was an explosive, messy, end to a fun year together.

What a pilot year!  We are expanding for next year, adding a second day and new classes, as well as new students/families.  We look forward to coming back to explore more of Schole' together next year.  God has been so faithful - beyond what I could have asked, hoped or imagined.  I'm very thankful to everyone who joined me in this vision and calling.

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