Sunday, April 24, 2016

Final Learning Celebration! #4

Our student's ended their school year with a learning celebration featuring their skills in ancient shadow puppetry learned in Fine Arts, and the fables they learned in Great Books from Aesop!  It was a fantastic collaborative effort by two of our best Academic Mentors!  You won't want to miss this…

Our final celebration was in the evening and we served popcorn to everyone who came to see the show!  Our puppeteers got to take part following their performance!  

Each performance below was narrated and then followed up with a proverb matching the moral of the story.  The proverb teller was seen on the hand puppet stage, next to the shadow puppet stage, often wearing a costume and providing comic relief for our audience throughout the performance.

Belling The Cat

Lion and the Mouse

Fox and the Grapes

Dog and His Reflection

Grasshopper and the Ant

Our Puppeteers!

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