Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 23 Schole' in Practice

Our Schole' moments consisted of a Pi Day celebration, puppet making and Aesop's fables, just to name a few things.  Join us this week as we put Schole' into practice in our community...

Morning Time

Our discussion continued on studiousness.  I used a pie as a demonstration (after all it was Pi(e) day)!  We talked about education being like a pie; the end result being desirable and enticing to others, if made right.  If the ingredients are good, the pie is good.  If the attentiveness to the process of making the pie is proper, the pie is good.  It takes both the right ingredients and the attentiveness to the process.  The process of pie making, we compared to the process of being studious.  We read another story about missionary Mary McLeod Bethune, and her pursuits to form a school.  She was driven to see the blessing of knowledge passed on to the children she felt called to.

Great Books
Our Aesop's fable for today was on Belling the Cat.  Students continued to identify the theme of the fable they are studying and using their storyboard.

Fine Arts

Making their own shadow puppets was the activity for today, using paper and straws.  The students continue to learn about the techniques of puppetry.

Schole' Lunch

Our guest speaker today was one of our own parents, Mrs. Amanda Anderson, deaf interpreter and teacher.  She shared with our students the different types of sign language and the benefits of each.  She shared her personal story about her deaf husband, how their family communicates with one another,  and some of the unique challenges they face as a family together.  She was a real blessing to our kids.

Schole' Playground

Today we played two separate games.  The first game was, Who Stole the Bone?  This game had a "dog" sitting on a chair with the students all lined up several feet behind.  A student then stole the "bone" under the chair (we used a plastic spoon) and hid it.  Then the kids called out "Doggy, doggy, who stole your bone?"  The "dog" had 3 guesses to figure out which student stole the bone.  The other game we played was the Jeep game.  The students all walked around, with the leader having thrown out enough plastic spoons ("keys" to the Jeep) for all but one child.  Then the kids walked around until the leader called out "Quick, get in the Jeep, there's a Lion on the loose!" and the kids would all scramble to grab a "key" to the Jeep.  One student would end up without a "key".  That student was "out" and then a spoon "key" was taken out of the game with them.  The game continued in that fashion until there was one person remaining.  

Science - Pi Day Celebration!

We began our Pi celebration with Pi Day tattoos in the morning as kids came in, and then with plenty of PIE in the afternoon!  We had several different types of pie, pizza and cookies.  We set up 3 stations with prices of .14 cents, .15 cents, and .92 cents (get it? 3.141592...).  The kids then had to either man a station to "sell" one of the three goodies or grab a bag of change to "buy" their goodies.  They practiced purchasing and giving correct amounts and making change, as they went through the line to grab their goodies.

Once outside with their food (gotta love NC weather in March!), the kids then began to learn about Archimedes and Pi.  Our teacher did a demonstration on the relationship of diameter and the circumference to Pi, using a bicycle tire and string.

After the demonstration was complete, they worked together on an activity using paper plates, rulers and colored markers to find diameter, radius and then calculated the circumference using Pi.  The next activity was calculating their "Pi name" and "Pi birthdate" with a  sheet I made up, and then they ended with a game using a ruler and a bullseye with various points for dropping a penny from 10" high onto the paper.  



  1. Love it! Especially clever idea for your Science -- Pi Day Celebration!

    1. Thank you Cindy! The kids had a lot of fun.