Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week 22 - Schole' in Practice

It felt good to be back after a few weeks off !  We had a scheduled break following our Greek Vignette's learning celebration, and then an unexpected week off for some wild weather!  We began our learning fun with a new unit on Aesop's fables and puppetry.  We had a very special guest for our Schole' lunch this week.  She had the kids engaged in some very fun theater games, you won't want to miss this week's Schole' Moments... 

Morning Time

We began a new virtue study today.  This morning we started out with a definition and discussion on studiousness, and then read about a missionary to whom education was very important, Mrs. Mary McLeod Bethune. The kids were also given a chance to win a prize from our prize box, if they wanted to come up and recite Matthew 5:1-12 - this year's memory verses.  We ended our morning time with a boy/girl relay of reciting our Jesus cadence, before heading inside for our classes!

Great Books

Great books started their new unit on Aesop's fables today.  The fables are being used to help the students understand and identify the theme within a story.  The Lion and The Mouse was the first fable they began their studies with today.

Fine Arts

Fine arts began their new (and super fun) unit on puppetry.  The students will be learning about the various types of puppetry and specifically making shadow puppets, for their final learning celebration to end our year together! 

Schole' Lunch

Our very special guest today was Mrs. Blaire Spruill from Raleigh ACT.  Blaire is the Creative Director and Instructor for Raleigh ACT, where she imparts her knowledge and skills to those children she teaches weekly.  She is a very beautiful singer and accomplished actress, you may have seen her in several local productions!  If you are looking for a local children's theater, you will want to check out Raleigh ACT !

Blaire sang a beautiful song to begin with, and then played some great theater games with the students that had them laughing, jumping and being super creative.  There were big smiles and lots of laughs while she was here!

Schole' Playground

Today's game was a favorite, of "switch".  


Our science lesson today was on the scientist Hero of Alexandria, and his amazing machines.  Our students learned about siphons, steam propulsion, and mirrors.  Their picture of the day was a bunch of pigs jumping off high platforms into water in China!    


I was the substitute teacher in Latin.  We played a game I called "the box of knowledge" which turned out to be fun.  I had the kids form two lines (teams) and then taped a box on the floor in front of me.  I called out the English word and the two people who were the front of each line had to race to get to the box first.  The student standing in the box first could then give me their answer to win a team point if they were correct.  

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