Sunday, February 7, 2016

Schole' In Practice - Week 19

This week we explored with wonder, things like simple levers, characters in Greek mythology and even had a snowball fight in Latin!  Join us as we recall our Schole' moments from week 19...

Morning Time

We started our time together reviewing the meaning of perseverance.  We discussed how it can be seen specifically with school work and academic life in general.  Then we read a story on perseverance from The Book of Virtues for Young People by William J. Bennett and followed it up with an object lesson.  Our object lesson involved a cork.  I held up a cork and told the kids a story about a whale and the cork.  In the story, the whale tries repeatedly to sink the cork in a variety of ways, but in the end, the cork rises up time and again and then remarks to the whale, "I'm not made of the stuff that sinks!"  I then asked the kids whether they were made of the stuff that sinks.  So our new motto on campus is "Be the Cork!"

Fine Arts

After a time of art appreciation, our students continued to work on understanding light and shadow.

Great Books

In Great Books, the focus today continued to be on understanding character development and reviewing the elements of a story.

Schole' Lunch

Today we had the very talented duo of Catrrine and Mark playing their beautifully hand-made native american style flutes.  Their instruments were incredibly beautiful, as was their playing of them.  You can check them out at their Etsy store.  Pictures simply can't do justice to the beauty of these native american style flutes.   If you are interested in more information regarding lessons or purchasing their flutes, you can contact them directly at Catrinne Ponall - or Mark Bickett  Our students asked lots of questions when they were done.  We sure hope they come back again next year!

Schole' Playground

Our playground game this week was called "Farmer, Farmer Can I Cross the Golden Bridge?"  One child was chosen to be the "farmer" and stood in the middle and the students lined up on one side of the playground with a cone designating "home".  The student's then called out "Farmer, farmer can I cross the golden bridge?" and the farmer would then say "if you have on the color X" (and picked a color).  All the kids who had that color walked over to the other side designated as home.  The remaining kids had till the farmer counted to five, to get across before the farmer could begin to try and tag someone.  Once they were tagged, they had to help the farmer and the game just kept repeating until there was a winner.  


The kids worked on an art-math project of graphing a design.  


In Latin the kids learned new vocabulary words and then played a review game that ended in a "snowball" fight.  


Science was regarding Archimedes who discovered the idea of why simple levers work.  The kids did an experiment where they used different weights and a ruler with a fulcrum to figure out how the lever works.  To end their time, they went out into the foyer to take their turns trying to lift a couch with a broom handle!  

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