Thursday, September 11, 2014

Song School Latin Review!!

If you are tempted to hit delete on this post, because you aren't interested in Latin for your kids, then read on!  If you are thinking they are too young or you aren't able to teach it, then definitely read on!!  Your kids as young as 1st grade can learn it easily and you as the Teacher, do NOT need to have any previous Latin experience, or even know the first thing about Latin, in order to teach it!  How does that sound?  What if I also told you that you can begin to help your child in advanced studies in multiple subjects just by learning some Latin! Well it's true, and Song School Latin from Classical Academic Press makes it so easy, that even a young child and an old Mommy can learn it (at least old in my case -ahem!).

Latin is the basis for:
  • Future Careers in science, medicine, law, theology, music and art to name a few!
  • Romantic Languages -Spanish, Italian, French to name a few!
  • English Vocabulary - 50% of our language is based in Latin!
We LOVE Song School Latin at my house!  We have completed books 1 and 2 of Song School Latin and we are getting ready to start Primer A.
Song School Latin is truly a classical subject, done creatively!  I love how they incorporate all styles of learning into their program!  They have visually engaging workbooks that are filled with puzzles, coloring pages, tracing, matching and more.  This approach to Latin makes Latin seem very affable and fun, not arduous.  They also offer a DVD set that your child can watch (great for visual and auditory learners) which in essence, reviews the lessons and reinforces what they just learned in the book (or you could use the video to first teach the lesson in part and then have them do their workbook to reinforce it).  The video has a kid friendly, entertaining storyline that involves their mascot monkey, Simeon; which ends each video segment, providing silly fun.  They use creative songs (auditory) via a CD, that comes with the workbook, engaging kids in songs and chants to memorize vocabulary and simple declension charts (these songs are also in the book as part of the lessons).  If that isn't enough fun, then you can also play Monkey Match (visual and tactile) which is a card game that can be played as a "go fish" style game or as a matching game, reinforcing the vocabulary that they have learned.  Lastly, they have an entire on-line practice zone for kids called Headventureland filled with fun games and stories to reinforce what they are learning.  Kids can practice using their newly learned skills, while playing games, watching videos and earning badges...further making Latin friendly and fun.

Some highlights about Song School Latin:
  • Simple, uncluttered workbook pages with puzzles, matching, fill in the blanks etc. 
  • Multiple learning styles engaged
  • Card games, music CD's and DVD's to reinforce lessons
  • Online support resources -free
  • Slower paced with continual review for younger children   
If you have tried other Latin programs only to give up, or have your children dislike learning Latin, then I would encourage you to try Song School Latin by Classical Academic Press.  It is definitely a creative approach, to a very classical subject.

I am excited to be able to offer a FREE copy of Song School Latin curriculum from Classical Academic Press, so you can give it a try yourself and see just what I mean.  I'm certain you too, will love this terrific program for kids.


  1. We have been using the Song School Latin for 2 years now and we absolutely love it! Our 4 year olds run around singing the song and telling folks hello and good bye in Latin. Which is totally amusing!

  2. We just started using Song School Spanish this year and we really like it. Some of the songs are really catchy and I find myself humming them sometimes. :) I've also heard my first grader singing them while she's playing. I'm considering using Song School Latin when the time comes for us to begin Latin studies.

    1. Hi Karen - Song School Spanish is good - we have that program too. I haven't done it much yet - we played with it one summer - but for now we are sticking with Latin since it's the base of all the romantic languages! Thank you for stopping by! Blessings Colleen

  3. I have used Latin A before and LOVED it, but I would love to try out Primer. It looks like it would be even more user friendly.....I have 4 kids I would like to try it with!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We are hoping to start Latin A very soon - good to know you loved it. So far we love all of CAP's materials.

  4. We did SSL 1 last year and have started SSL 2 this year. My son seriously asks to do it first thing each morning. Some days I have to say "No Latin today! We need to get some other subjects in too!" =) Definitely a good problem to have lol

    1. Amy - Love it! He sounds like a little guy after my own heart!