Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Creating Your Own Science Based Dot-to-Dot Skip Counting Sheets!

The last time we did Cycle 3, I had used skip counting dot-to-dot sheets to do the math for my Apprentice aged kids.  It was a way for me to integrate the science memory work a little with the math and it was fun.  They enjoyed trying to guess what body part they were connecting dots and skip counting through to create.  I tried to tie the week's body parts to the week's skip count.  For example, when we did the circulatory system for our memory work that week in science, I would trace a heart for them to skip count to make.  We would drill the skip counts several times and then all pencils would start at the first number and together we would chant through each number and move our pencils to trace from one skip count number to the next in a fun and exaggerated way.  Then the picture could be colored while we chanted through those body parts for the science memory work next.

I definitely have learned how to be more "stick in the sand" then the year I Tutored this Cycle before.  However, it certainly would be fun for home use with Abecedarian to Apprentice aged kids if they enjoy dot-to-dots, coloring and tracing.  The great thing is...you don't have to be artistic and draw a single thing!

Here is what I used and how I make them:
  • Book to trace from*
  • Tracing Paper
  • Pencil
  • Copy paper
  • Printer
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*An easy couple books for Abecedarian aged kids to use would be:
My Body (Science Books)
My First Human Body Book (Dover Children's Science Books)

Find a picture that you would like to make into a dot-to-dot skip counting sheet.  Kids coloring books on the topic you are wanting to use work great because they have simple lines and are easy to trace.  Look at the picture and determine where you want to start your skip counting sequence.  Where you start the skip counting sequence will be important to how the drawing will turn out.  I always used a pencil to trace with, so I could erase if I miscalculated how far around I needed to go.  I tried to avoid adding in my dot-to-dots/skip counting in areas that required lots of turning and tight changes in direction.  Maintain the basic integrity of the picture so you can remember what it was (that's my age showing-I can't remember anything-LOL).  This will help the kids connect the dots properly and draw it successfully - being able to identify it when they are through connecting the dots!

Take your tracing paper and begin to trace the drawing, stopping where you want to begin numbering and adding your dots.  Then move along the picture numbering as you go and pick back up tracing once you have completed your dots/numbering sequence, to complete the picture.  I traced additional details of the picture to complete it as well.  Once it was traced, then you can put it on your printer and make a copy - you may want to set it to a darker setting or trace over the numbers and lines with a dark marker or pen. Otherwise, when you copy it, you won't be able to see it very well.  That's it!  I did this with all sorts of things when my daughter was younger.

You can make dot-to-dot skip counting sheets out of any subject that you want.  I have used encyclopedia pictures and lots of coloring book pictures to trace from.  Anything that fit the topic I was wanting to focus on and then I just added in the skip counting.  Easy peasy!

Here ar some others I have made for Cycle 3 last time....


  1. Great idea! I am going to make some of these up for my kids here at home! I can cover two subjects with one activity too! :)

    1. Thank you - I hope your kids enjoy them! Mine thought they were pretty fun! I appreciate your comment and stopping by! Blessings - Colleen

  2. Yes, great idea! There is so much I want to do to prepare for next year, but I am really going to try to remember to do this =)