Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent Day 10 - Preparation

Advent Day 10 - Preparation

Anyone who has been reading my blog knows by now that I have a wonderful special needs son!  That doesn't mean all the days are wonderful, some are a definite struggle, but behind all the "needs" is a little guy who's heart is filled with joy and purity - compared to most of us.  As we were just enjoying our day, I saw an interaction between my dog and son that I had to capture on film!  It captivated me in that moment, taking me away from anything going on around me, as my heart filled with joy to see how much joy this little dog's love brought to him.

Most days he ignores her, for the most part.  He usually seems oblivious that she is glued to his side, as he eats at the table.  Unless a veggie chip drops that he goes to bend down and grab and to his chagrin it is gobbled up before he can reach it - then he notices!  He's learned to "share" with Arabella, well...because he has no choice - she's too fast for him!  The dog knows that of everyone who eats at my house, he definitely wins the prize for the most food dropped at a single meal - and Arabella our dog, has made a note of this fact and is ready to assist me with any clean up that may arise, as a result.  She even can be outside and somehow, she seems to know Mason is eating and she stands begging at the door, urging me to let her in, lest she miss some terrific morsel he has dropped without notice.

Arabella makes note when Mason is in the kitchen, she makes note when he's dropped something, she is eager to grab any morsel he leaves and she is aware of him especially when he is walking around near her  and she makes sure to stay clear of his feet because he's visually impaired and unlike most everyone else, she has realized he doesn't see her and will step on her if she isn't taking note of where he is.  She also is much more tolerant of him than a typical child.  Arabella is very prepared for Mason.  She knows what to look for, what to take note of, how to minister to him differently than a typical kid responding to him with patience.  It got me thinking that Arabella is in much of an advent state when it comes to Mason - LOL!  She is always prepared for Mason's arrival!  She is probably better prepared for Mason's arrival than most of us are for Jesus to return!  I don't know about you, but that is a very convicting thought for me!

So as I watched them, I started thinking about how prepared am I for Jesus?  Am I like Arabella, aware of how He is moving in my world?  Am I grabbing up every morsel of His Word till He returns?  Am I patiently ministering to those around me who need extra care and tolerance?  Would I hear His footsteps before He even arrived?  Am I aware of Him every day, glued to His table to feast daily on His Word?  These were all questions I have pondered since watching my son and dog.  They are good question for any of us to ponder.

Advent is about waiting, anticipating, living in the moment so connected to God that we are aware of His every move and prepared for when He arrives -missing nothing.  So I took a lesson today from Arabella in how to live in that waiting state of connectedness that brings joy!  

Happy Advent Day 10!

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