Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advent Day 5 - God's Snowflakes

Advent Day 5 - today we decided we are God's snowflakes - each individual, each unique, each purposefully designed and carved out by it's creator.  Like the joy that comes on the face of a child when they unfold their snowflake creation to see it's full display of unique beauty; so God delights to see us walking with Him, using the gifts He's designed, carved out, purposefully placed in each of us... His snowflakes.
As we folded our paper to be able to cut, I thought about how it could be analogous to us being folded by life's experiences as we grow up.  The different experiences that shape us and give us our frame.  As we snipped away purposefully at the paper with an end goal of a beautiful design in mind.  I thought of the snips God often must do in our own lives to cut out the things that will make us less than what He has for us to be.  In the end if we submit to the scissors of the Creator, we too like the snowflakes, become a one of a kind design that reflects the mind and intention of the Creator.
While the girls cut, I asked them to think of all the ways that we are like snowflakes.  They had some great thoughts that were well developed and thought out.  Answers like white as snow in Christ, uniquely made, one of a kind and beautiful were some of the things they came up with.  We also talked a little about science/math; talking about snowflakes being comprised of feathery ice crystals as they fall through the earth's atmosphere (cycle 1) and the reason they appear white is the crystal facets which diffuse (causes to spread) reflection of the spectrum of light (cycle 2 coming weeks) and then we touched on how they generally are created with six fold symmetry.  Gotta live classical and tie in those cycles!  :)

Today my Advent thought is to let God snip away at those areas in my life that might cause me to be less than He created me to be; when unfolded before Him, I stand one day. 

Today, may God show you the beautiful design that is you, His personal snowflake.  Maybe He's not done snipping yet, but you can be sure the design once unfolded before Him, will be one of unique beauty and bring Him glory in Heaven as all His snowflakes gather to bring a white Christmas before His throne of Grace.  Praise be to God who has made me white as snow... His personal snowflake.

To make a snowflake I googled and landed at Martha Stewart's website for directions on folding.

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