Monday, September 30, 2013

Year 2 Week 6 - Fine Arts Final Project

Cycle 2 Week #6                          Final Fine Arts Project

I chose a final Fine Arts project that the kids really liked, so I thought I'd share it for all those Parents  out there looking for new ideas.  I wanted to combine more than one week's worth of Fine Arts into the final project we were doing.  So...I chose having them all make a Picasso portrait.

In class we talked about how we were combining the elements of OiLS that we've learned, with Abstract Art.  We also were using some elements of symmetry and a-symmetry along with mirrored images.  I talked about Picasso briefly and showed the kids some pictures of Picasso's work.  Then I showed them an example of our project that I had drawn.
My example
So here is how you do it if you'd like to make one with your kids or class:
Use a large drawing pad piece of paper (it's a heavier weighted paper and it's about 12"x18").  I found mine at Ollie's cheap.  Next have them draw a large oval taking up most of their paper - like this...

Then have them find the middle of the oval at the top (this is where we discussed symmetry because we'll start out making a line down the center of the oval but then we get a-symmetrical as we draw a side profile right in the center of the oval, like below....

Next they were told to use the left side to be a "self-portrait" and make it "normal" with a single eye, nose, mouth etc.  The right side was to be the abstract side and have the "Picasso" qualities that they had been shown pictures of!  

There was no right or wrong way to end up with their picture.  Then to finish it off they colored in their picture with crayons or colored pencils.  

The kids all had really great, creative ideas and they really liked this project.  It was simple, silly (which made it very fun) and combined multiple weeks of Fine Arts elements with a great end result.  

My daughter came home and showed my husband her drawing and his reaction was priceless.  He said "Who exactly is that?  Whoever it is I think she should see a doctor or a plastic surgeon!"  LOL

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