Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cycle2 Week #1 Wonderful Wednesdays - Pope's and The World Craft!

It was so awesome to be back in the swing of things for Wonderful Wednesdays this past week and spend time with good friends again.  This was our Week 1 and we decided who better to kick off a Wonderful Wednesday then the Pope?  I mean seriously?  Does it get any better than a Pope appearance for the first day back to school???  I don't think so!

Even a Jesuit Priest appearance!
To make Sarah's costume I used an extra large white man's dress shirt.  I folded the collar in and the sleeves up past the buttoned openings.  Then I took the front of the shirt and folded the buttoning side to hide the buttons and crossed it over the opposite side that it buttons to so there would be nothing but a clean looking seem.  I just used safety pins to hold it in place.  Last, I took a square piece of white muslin and folded in two corners and draped it over her shoulders pinning it where they met like a "cape".  Lastly, I took a large cross I had and put that on her.  One of the Mom's found a picture of the original cross that Pope Leo III would have worn, printed it and laminated it and cut it out for her kids to wear on a string as an authentic cross for their costume - I liked that idea.

We started with our lapbooks and I totally forgot to photograph that one - sorry.  Not quite in the swing of things yet I guess.  Next we started making our Pope hats to complete everyone's costumes.  We took rolled paper and then cut approximately 20"x24"rectangles out of it for each child.  Once they were cut then we folded them down hamburger style and then folded each side in till they met to make a triangle.  Next we took the triangle and fold up the bottom on one side, flip it over and fold the bottom up the other side (see picture below -about 1 1/2") and then the side where the triangles met is what you will be the front as you wrap it around their head to form a Pope hat.  Then take two longer 1" strips to glue to the back for the "tail" of the hat.   

 The next project we worked on was to make a mobile of the Continents.
What you need for that project is:

  • Paper towel holders
  • string
  • paint
  • printed card stock pictures of the continents - I used these continents
  • hot glue gun
 First they cut out their continents and glued their labels onto them.  Next they painted their paper towel holder the color that they wanted for their mobile.  This was going to hold the mobile together.
The next thing we did was let our paper towel tubes dry while we cut our ribbon (or I used raffia in this case for mine) and positioned our continents properly on them.  We hot glued them to stay in place. 

As we made them some of the longer strings had pieces that wanted to rotate around as they hung down.  To fix that I just added pieces of cardboard hot glued to the back for weight.  That allowed them to hang straight.

Once they were hot glued and ready to be placed onto the dried paper towel tube, we pulled our string through our tubes - this would be the part that would hang our mobile.  Next we hot glued all the continents that we had fixed to the string, onto the paper towel tube.  Mine got a little out of order as they were handed to me and I didn't notice, LOL - so we had to experience a seismic shift as I unglued and re-glued them into the right order later.  

Ahhhhh - finally in the right order. 
Our final masterpieces!!!


  1. I LOVE the Pope hats! They look very similar to the real thing. And the continents mobile is very clever. It looks like you all are having a lot of fun with Classical Conversations.

  2. I think it's so fun that you have friends to do these projects with! And once again you have a costume that can be made AT the event. I'm saving these ideas for sure!