Thursday, August 1, 2013

ecojot® Notebooks !!GIVEAWAY!! Back to School Series

I love the beautiful and Classical Conversations® relevant journals and sketchbooks that are offered on   Through Solagratiamom, ecojot® is offering one of my lucky viewers a chance to WIN a $20 E-Card Certificate!    

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These are beautiful and well made notebooks and journals!  Inspiring designs for your nature journals, writing notes for an Essentials paper or just to journal about your day!  What caught my attention was not only the beautiful designs and the quality construction, but the quotes from familiar people we have been or will be studying.  People such as Michelangelo, Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Picasso, and Matisse. I also loved the pretty Space themed journal for our Cycle 2 kids this year! Here are two journals that I personally loved and I'm using right now....

Founded by brother and sister team Mark and Carolyn Gavin in 2007, ecojot® creates eco-friendly stationery, paper goods and custom products that feature whimsical and inspirational designs. Their love for paper, the planet and art has enabled them to create a sustainable brand available in hundreds of locations around the world. As the designer, Carolyn garners her inspiration from different artistic genres found in her travels and varying facets of life. Mark finds his passion through philanthropy and ensuring the quality and sustainability of each item. Ecojot® specializes in a variety of journals,  sketchbooks, children's sketchbooks, gift wrap, calendars and note cards that make a perfect companion for your thoughts, gifts and daily organizing needs.

Their products are available not only on their webpage above, but also at a variety of Retailers around the Country and Internationally as well.  Store Listings

Another terrific thing about Ecojot products is their GIVE Program!  Whenever you purchase a Jumbo Journal, ecojot® through their GIVE Program, will provide a workbook and pen to a child in need to help build literacy skills around the world.  

"One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world." ~ Malala Yousafzai 

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