Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FREE - Memory Mogul© Review Game for CC!!!

I made up a game for my class last year that we had a lot of fun playing!  I'm sharing it for all those Tutors out there and Parents, looking for something fun to do for review this year!  I called it Memory Mogul© and the object of the game is to beat the "Bank" (Tutor or Parent) or be the player with the most money after all the questions have been answered! The kids in my class really got into this game and chanted "Beat the bank, Beat the bank!!" each time a person answered a question correctly.  It can be played with or without a board.  I used the board at home for my Wonderful Wednesday's class but I didn't take it with me to Tutor - we just used the playing cards and money for class as that was easier for me.  

Memory Mogul©
A Memory Review Game for
Classical Conversations®

A fun way to review Memory Work for any Cycle of the Foundation’s Curriculum!

Object of the Game: Be the player with the most money left - beating the Bank (or Tutor)- when all the review questions have been answered. 

Game Pieces:
  • Game Instructions
  • Correct and Incorrect Answer cards (there are extras so you can switch out the game some)
  • Optional - Memory Mogul Board (instruction separate and board itself is not included and must be assembled by you)
  • Play Money free download for printing your own play money is at download for printing free play money  (you can buy play money at the dollar stores -which is what I did)
  • CC Review Cards or Foundations Curriculum book (separately purchased from Classical Conversations® at
Instructions:  Each player and the bank starts out with $150.00 dollars in play money (denominations can be whatever you decide but they do need $20, $10 and $5 denominations at least.  I made my break out as follows: (4) $20.00 (3) $10.00 (8) $5.00.  The Tutor or Parent picks the first player to go.  That player can pick a Memory subject and the Tutor or Parent asks the review question of their choosing in that subject category.  Based on whether the question was answered correctly or not, determines which card they pull out (incorrect answer –draws a pink card or correct answer-draws a green card).  Player then follows the instructions on the card after it has been read out loud to everyone.  (I recommend Tutor/Parent read and get the cards if you have younger kids because the board could be easily destroyed with lots of little hands or they may not be reading yet.)  

If they answered incorrectly, they will be instructed to give up money in a stated sum to either; other players or the Bank.  If they answered correctly, they will be collecting money from either the Bank or the other players.  When they run out of money then they go “bankrupt” and are out.  Each answer and game card gets them closer to either bankruptcy or wealth!  The more they Master the Memory work the more likely they are to win - beating their neighbors and the Bank!  In the end, either the Student’s break the bank or the player with the most money wins!

Instructions without a Memory Mogul Board – Each student and the bank start out with the same amount of money as instructions above ($150).  Create 2 piles of cards for drawing after the questions are answered.  The green pile is for correctly answered questions and the pink pile is for incorrectly answered questions.  The Teacher/Tutor asks the question and the student draws from the correct pile and follows the instructions.  I use this method of play for Tutoring since I don’t have to bring a board.  Either way the game is fun and it works well!


Correct Answer Cards to Print

Incorrect Answer Cards to Print

Printable Rules and Assembly Instructions


  1. Hi Colleen! If you feel led to do so, we'd love for you to share this on the Memory Work Review Game link-up!


  2. Great game! I definitely struggle to make memory work review fun. I forget that simply making a game out of it can make a huge difference! Thanks for sharing this idea.

  3. What kinds of memory review games do you play when its the first week of school?

    1. HI Alisha - The first week is really just repeating the new grammar intro. We played a silly ball review game. I've also taken the kids outside when it's nice and played duck duck goose review. The first week I often use much of the review time in the beginning of my class to instruct the kids in how to map draw both in class and at home as well as cover the standards of behavior in my classroom. Have a great first week! Blessings - Colleen

  4. I love this free resource, thank you so much. On the "correct answer" cards they are off just enough to not fit on the page (after page 1). Is it possible to edit this so they aren't cut off at the bottom? Thanks!!!!

    1. Hi Christina! Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I just corrected it and re-loaded them. Thanks again! Blessings - Colleen

  5. Colleen, Thank you so much for creating this resource! I have just finished printing it all out and we are excited to use this over our break to keep the memory work fresh in our heads! :)

  6. Colleen, Thank you for this great game! One question - where did you find the self-adhesive library cards?
    thank you!

    1. Hi Jennifer - I found them online at Amazon and also our local school supply store carries them.