Thursday, July 18, 2013

Warfare by Duct Tape - Cycle 2 Fun Resource!

In Classical Education we talk about imagination and how important it is to a well educated individual. This year at the Classical Conversation's® Practicum they actually gave out the book by Anthony Esolen:
10 Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child
If you've been following me for a while, then you have caught on that I LOVE to encourage the imagination of my children and weave that into their educational experience - much of what I put out there is to help you do just the same.  That was why I was so excited to speak with concerning the great imaginative e-books that two homeschooled boys ages 17 and 18, have put out there that coincides wonderfully with Cycle 2!  Their e-books are filled with imagination woven into education regarding history about topics such as; Greco-Romans, Barbarians, Medieval Knights and the Armor of God just to name a few.   

These talented young men have come up with an entire imaginative world of play they have called "duct tape wars". Their e-books teach you how to create your own duct tape weapons and armor with detailed, step-by-step instructions, patterns, and pictures using simple items like foam, dowels and you guessed it....duct tape!  They also include information about this game of duct tape warfare. The topics discussed in their e-books are things such as chivalry, rules of the game, battle strategies, making costumes and even ransom money.  There are step by step photographs to guide you in the construction of everything.  My favorite part is that each book has historically-based designs and period information throughout.  Your kids can't help but learn as they play!  

I was given The Knight Book Warfare e-book for this review...  
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Included in this book:
Description of the Game
Includes strategy hints and provides a basic
overview of the thrilling game of duct tape
Rules of the Game
How to battle with chivalry and honor.
Explains ransom and diplomacy.
Instructions & Patterns
All the help and instruction you need to build
weapons, shields and helmets from basic
materials found at your local hardware store.
The Weapons are made using PVC pipe,
foam, and of course... duct tape.
The Helmets are made from cardboard,
cardstock and... yes... duct tape.
Bring History to LIFE!  This Knight Book is full of great weapons and armor patterned after the medieval knight of old.  
Object of the game and the rules are laid out nicely for play. 

I will be posting pictures once we are able to get together our creations from this fantastic fun resource!   


  1. Super review!! Thank you so much!
    Mark and Steven
    Warfare by Duct Tape

  2. How fun! Any boy would love this =)