Monday, July 15, 2013

GIVEAWAY!! Lapbooks from Wisdom and Righteousness!!

Wisdom and Righteousness

I just finished assembling the Cycle 2 Lapbooks from!  They are terrific and I'm super excited about the new option to make a notebook style memory book - instead of the usual tri-fold lapbook (although that's still an option with these latest lapbooks).  We have a lot of kids at the table and this will save us room!  If you have kids like mine, who need something visual and interactive to get into memorizing the memory work for CC then these are the best!  They are colorful, creative and hands on - they really bring the memory work to life.  

I'm also very excited to offer 2 FREE copies to two winners of the raffle that will end on July 23rd - so look to the right of the blog page and enter today for your chance to get a free copy!

I use these lapbooks to start out our Wonderful Wednesday's Group and I reference them in my Enrichment Teaching Plan.  They compliment one another perfectly!  The Moms in my group get together and we pre-assemble them - given the ages of our kids, it just saves time for our group and makes it run much smoother each week.  

Here are some pictures of my pre-assembled book for the coming year!  

When you look at these picture above, you can see that these lapbooks are not just blank templates, they help the student interact with the information – identifying, labeling, sorting and copywork elements are all woven into this Lapbook!   It also provides your child with a keepsake that they can use to review and reference that Cycle's memory work.  If you or your child can cut, fold and paste then you can easily make one of these terrific lapbooks for your family!  

If you would like to purchase Wisdom and Righteousness Lapbooks for Cycle 2 and/or Solagratiamom Teaching Plan then click the links below!

Lapbooks for Weeks 1-24 Available in
6 weeks segments or as a complete package!

$29.95 for all Weeks 1-24

Solagratiamom Teaching Plan
Weeks 1-24
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(If you previously purchased Weeks 1-12 - Click Below to Purchase the 2nd half!)
Solagratiamom Teaching Plan
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  1. I love these lapbooks and have done them the past two years also. She does a great job and I'm so thankful that you talented and gifted moms share so freely with us! : )

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Melanie! God is good and I'm happy to share any talents and blessings He has given to me with others, as I know Karen is too. We're so glad you have enjoyed our creations! :)