Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring in NC!

One of the things that I love about North Carolina is the spring!  Wisteria begins to bloom all over the place along with Azalea's.  They're both so beautiful.  Sarah thinks the Wisteria looks like the giant grapes that the Bible talks about they spy's finding.  We found a bunch of the Wisteria vines growing wild along the wooded area near our home.  We took time to smell the fragrant blooms and we even found a few inch worms hanging from them as we walked along.  

Rediscovering the joys of all God's creation!  Another great thing about the spring that I love is our resuming the bug searches as we walk!  During the colder months when we were able to  walk on nice days, there was not a reputable bug to find!  So boring compared to the plentiful bug spotting we enjoy all Spring Summer and Fall.  

Nature studies and specifically, catching and preserving bugs to later pin is a fun past time we enjoy.  I will do a post later on how we go about catching, preserving and pinning them!  :)

One of the fun bugs we found on our walk that day!  He came home for our collection!  

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  1. Ok, Colleen, you and I definitely have a different opinion of "fun" LOL! No bugs for me, thank you very much! ;) The wisteria is almost as beautiful as Sarah :) Hugs!