Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week 23 - Cloud Types!!

What child doesn't love puff paint, cotton balls and using their imaginations?  This was our rendition of cloud types for week 23...

We started our project with a quick exercise of observing the clouds outside and figuring out what type they were.  As it so happened today, we had some really great clouds as a weather system moved out this morning from our area.  We observed out the window and used this to help guide the kids to the right cloud type

We then discussed the information I had gathered together and compiled into a "key" of sorts for this project along with arrows showing low/high which corresponded with where in the troposphere the clouds form Clouds Project Key .

We also did an experiment making Clouds with Ivory Soap in the microwave.  This was fantastic, easy and the kids all were WOWed by it!  

To end our day we did a review game in my son's therapy room on the trampoline!  The kids asked to play this one.  

To end it all we did a Jesus word cloud!  

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