Saturday, March 2, 2013

Teaching the Orchestra - Week 20 - Tutoring CC

I thought I'd share what I came up with for teaching the Orchestra for this next few weeks as a Tutor.  I wanted to make a visual presentation of the information we are going to be learning in class for the kids.  So, I made a science board of the Orchestra for class.  All of the information has come from CC Connected and you can search there to find them, with the exception of the pictures of Handel, Bach and Mozart which I got from here:

and the My Musical Instruments Book I used is here:

 On the left side I put a listening chart for each of the 3 pieces we will be listening to in class for each composer.  This is a guided way to help the children listen for the various instruments and movements in the piece chosen.

On the right side I put the Vocabulary for each week that we will be teaching the kids.  

In the center I placed the various instruments/sections and the timeline with pictures of the Composers we're focusing on but also underneath each period is a list of Composers from each period and I put an envelope with cut up laminated pieces of an orchestra puzzle with the Key on the outside of the envelope.  Underneath the puzzle envelope I placed a Guided Listening list of thought provoking questions to help the kids think about various aspects of the music as they listen and how it makes them feel/think etc.  One of the weeks I will have them take a white piece of paper or their dry erase boards and while listening, draw what they hear/see/feel as they listen.

I have my Classical Music for Dummies book which has the pieces we will be listening to on CD.  The My Musical Instruments Book has the 4 sections of instruments and some additional fun pages for the kids.  Lastly, I have my instrument "puppets" that are laminated and put on popsicle sticks.  These I can use to have them listen to a piece and hold up their instrument if they hear it at any given place in the piece (one idea of how to use them).

There is also the Orchestra Lapbook that has put out -which is extremely thorough and comprehensive in studying the Orchestra if you are looking for something at home to do or even Tutors can use her lapbook in their classes for their Fine Arts section to study the Orchestra.


  1. I don't think I said enough about how well done this was Colleen. It was a very nice interactive presentation of the material -- thank you!

  2. I am going to encourage my kids to try this. There are currently having some lessons with long island private tutoring but that's for the school stuff. I like them to appreciate music as well. I think they will love it.