Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 22 - Weather Field Trip - Making it Real

We took a field trip to our local NBC news station.  We were guided through our tour by the local weatherman.  The kids learned how the weather is broadcast and what goes into forecasting it.  One great tie-in to our CC Community was when the weatherman said that he had to stay within his allotted time of 3 MINUTES - presentations anyone???  The kids had a blast standing in front of the green screen and learning the art of presenting the weather.  We got to watch a live news broadcast and meet the various staff at the local station.  Perfect for our coming week on weather.

 Our very own Pam Saulsby - the only person I recognized since I don't watch NBC.  I think she use to be on WRAL - which is why I recognized her.  LOL.  I'm behind the times I guess.
 The newscasters were being silly and making faces to the kids in between live broadcasts.

 The got to see other sets they use for filming different broadcasts.

 Brave folks let our kids stay in the room while they did a live segment.  Whew!

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